What Are the Five Best Racing Simulation Games?

If you take a look back at the time period of ten-years, you will see that racing simulation videos games have lost their popularity. Even established franchises like Need for Speed couldn’t retain their original appeal during the consolidation of the entire industry.

If you like to watch races, then I have some exciting news for you. Things are in much better shape now than they were in past years. Many racing video games were released in the past. Forza Horizon is one example of these games. Assetto Corsa and iRacing also make up the majority. There have been many open-world racing game releases in recent months, and many people have been playing them. The racing simulation genre has never been more competitive. Electronic Arts paid $1.2Billion in July 2015 for Codemasters. This transaction is an example of how highly racing videos games have been appreciated over the years.

This article will highlight our top picks of the most exciting racing simulations that are available online. Many of these titles are current, as this genre is continually evolving. We will still be able to enjoy the classics that are still popular today and are just the same quality as the latest games. This section will concentrate on the games that are easy and accessible on most hardware. Let’s move on to the meat and potatoes.

1.Rally in the Dirt2.0

Dirt Rally 2.0, if you’re looking for the most realistic offroad racing simulation for gamers, is at the top. It’s highly unlikely that there has been anything better. Despite the fact that it comes with an uneven package, the vehicle’s handling is exceptional and provides a drift hunters driving experience that rivals any other in its class. You should feel it with a decent steering wheel. However, it will not replace it for the sheer excitement of driving on a race track and the challenges of driving it.


  • When it comes down to the career mode, there are two options: the rally mode and the rallycross.
  • Freeplay lets players compete for titles, make their own games, or complete time trials for all the game’s courses.
  • A player can improve the overall performance and not just join it.
  • It is a fantastic gaming experience that is definitely worth the effort.


The eSports segment is well-known because of its prices, the time commitment required, as well as its level of difficulty. It captures many fascinating aspects of race racing. As you move through the levels you will experience the same exhilaration and camaraderie that you would get in the real thing. Unfortunately, you may also feel the same sadness as when you lose. It is obvious that Iracing has some issues that are becoming stale. There are definitely racing simulators that are more realistic. But with 10 years experience, you will find a level and depth of knowledge that you won’t find anywhere else.


  • Its technology and services are superior to its rivals.
  • These songs exhibit a high level of originality and realism.
  • There are many cars to choose from. This game lets players find the perfect car.
  • It is difficult to find another game that provides a similar simulation of racing as this one.

3.Assetto Corsa / Assetto Corsa Competizione

Kunos Simulazioni’s two experiences are so much fun, despite being different, that we have decided they should be combined. Assetto Corsa has had its days, but it can still make an excellent driving sim with a few tweaks. Competizione continues to improve as it approaches iRacing’s pure racing sim. Assetto Corsa can be quite a driving sim, even though it has seen its worst days. GT racing has become the most popular motorsports. It offers the most variety and is in great health.

Assetto Corsa provides a variety of realistic feedback options to simulate the feeling of driving behind the wheel. It is likely that you will struggle to become comfortable with a personal computing device when you first get it. Once you are faced with reality, it will be difficult to adjust.


  • You will enjoy a very real experience in the career mode. This allows for you to move up as a driver and also earn titles or incentives.
  • Its innovative physics engine is what earned it the title “the simulation game to the future”
  • Even though the game doesn’t offer a wide selection of cars, it will entertain you as long you are willing to try out different modifications.
  • The best aspect about the game is the fact that you can use any input device such as a keyboard or gamepad to play it.
  • It offers interoperability with other hardware at the highest possible level.

4. The Cars 2 Project

Project Cars 2 also works on modern consoles. The game offers the same quality of presentation and refinement, as well as a career option that is both light and robust offline. A lot of cars and courses are available, especially if you get the season pass in combination with many different vehicle packs.

These adjustments were made in order to make the game’s engine compatible with Assetto Corsa. While cars are enjoyable because they are responsive, entertaining, and I can connect with them emotionally, I struggle to get behind the wheel of one. You can find a variety of vehicles in this place, including two-stroke karts as well as four-wheel-drive rally car, but somehow everything looks the same. This is a problem.


  • The physics are superior to those in other games.
  • There are many options for vintage and modern automobiles.
  • The track for racing is of a higher standard.
  • Weather and conditions may change quickly.
  • You may modify the difficulty degree quickly and easily.
  • This game’s virtual-reality experience is phenomenal on the PC version.

5. Factor rFactor 2

We are a long way from the beginning when it comes rFactor. Its fundamental engine for physics was used to power the legendary F1 Challenge 2002. The only options available to me back then were custom-made versions of existing titles and ad hoc online leagues. The list of licensed courses and vehicles that are available in RFactor 2 is extensive and is growing.

RFactor 2 has been the most serious of the games I’ve talked about up to now. RFactor 2 is the only game that has an offline career mode. It also doesn’t have complicated licensing systems that allow you to own automobiles. You can choose your location as well as the car you will be driving from the menu. Offline racing can be done, and artificially intelligent competitors will present a formidable challenge. However, online competition is more frightening, even if they are Max Verstappen’s level.


  • This race simulation game’s mechanics system is among the most complicated.
  • The control of autos has been greatly improved.
  • The variety in weather, day and night conditions can make the game even more fun.
  • You can access a wide variety of modifications of exceptional quality that are supported by excellent mod support.


Simulated racing is a very popular subgenre if you are into racing. We’ve compiled a list with some of our favorite simulation racing games, which are currently for sale on the marketplace. The physics behind these games are virtually identical. The only thing that makes these games different is their aesthetics, locations, tracks, vehicles, and modifications. Each game has its unique set of benefits and drawbacks. Some companies produce the fastest cars and others are known for their excellent handling. The main factor is the preferences and tastes of the users. If this is your first race simulation, you might try all the games to see which one you like best.