7 Best Free Tower Defense Games For Computer


You can’t go too long without hearing about tower defense games in any discussion of popular game genres today. Despite its reputation as a casual game of strategy, this genre still tests your mental agility, reflexes, and improvisational prowess to the breaking point.

Overall, tower defense games are a fantastic subgenre that can keep you entertained for hours. These days’ TD games are not only thrilling, but also visually stunning, sonically engrossing, and mechanically complex.

This begs the question, “What are the best tower defense games worth playing next?” The sheer number of TD games out there can leave you feeling overwhelmed and unable to decide which one to play next. We have compiled a list of the best TD games currently available so that you can pick the right one to play.

Clash Royale

The legendary Clash Royale, developed by Supercell, kicks off our list of the best tower defense games. From its parent strategy game Clash of Clans, this TD game spawned the popular card-based multiplayer game known as Hearthstone. To increase the fun and excitement of this game, you’ll need to employ some real-time strategies and collectible card elements.

To succeed at Clash Royale, you’ll need to take part in intense online battles using your best decks in real time. More so, you can play with people you know or with people all over the world. You should strengthen your decks so that you can compete with stronger opponents. This TD uses a trophy case progression system, so following the trophy road is essential if you want to unlock more trophies and more exciting cards.


Arknights, developed by Yostar Limited, is another excellent turn-based strategy game that we recommend. In this strategy game, you’ll find yourself in a post-apocalyptic world where different operators are getting ready to do battle. In this scenario, you’ll play the part of a commander in charge of a squad of specialized soldiers called operators. These operators represent various abilities and skills that can be developed further. As a result, every time you upgrade, you should employ your best strategy and make sure your operators are stable.

Do not pass up the chance to play Arknights if you are a die-hard fan of works in the anime genre. Playing this impressive TD title will be a pleasure from start to finish thanks to the attention to detail in the game’s graphics, sound effects, and base-building features. Playing through the tutorial is highly recommended if you are unfamiliar with the controls and gameplay of this game.

Bloons TD Battles

Turn on your computer and fire up Bloons TD Battles if you want a TD game that will put your skills to the test. You’ll be tasked with defending balloons from an onslaught of monkeys in this tactical game. If you think you can breeze through this game without much trouble, you’d be wrong. So, use your best strategy on any of the available 27 battle tracks.

Players of Bloons TD must not only shoot down balloons, but also eliminate real-life foes. Play with 22 fantastic monkey towers, each representing one of eight available upgrades. This TD game really shines thanks to its four distinct game modes, each of which features its own set of mechanics that can be customized to your liking. One easy way to win is to make sure all of the balloons the other team has are successfully popped.

Kingdom Rush

Kingdom Rush is a must-play if you’re the type of player who thrives in fantasy settings set in the Middle Ages. It is a masterpiece developed by Ironhide Games and has been considered among the best tower defense games for many years. Indeed, there are over 10 million players of this game at present, and you could join them.

To win this TD game, you must employ cunning tactics to fend off waves of evil creatures like demons and goblins from invading your kingdom. You can stop them from entering your territory by setting up a variety of defensive towers in their path. It’s up to you whether or not to construct towers like the Mages Guild, Artillery, Barracks, or Archer Tower. You must devise a sound strategy for the placement of your towers to prevent the enemy from reaching your base.

The Battle Cats

Play The Battle Cats on PONOS if you’re in the mood for some high-octane action and adventure. And here you thought cats were only good for playing cute games with. I bet you didn’t know that these furry things can actually run the planet. You play the role of a commander in this light strategy game, tasked with guiding armies of courageous felines through a variety of combat situations. While the game’s premise is straightforward, it actually contains a plethora of thrilling elements. Here, picking a cat to fight on your behalf is as easy as clicking its name.

The Battle Cats is similar to other tower defense games in that it lets you level up multiple cats at once and prioritize their experience points so that you can take on stronger foes. After the upgrade, you’ll see your cat in its true form and realize how much power it has to dominate the world. While you’re at it, try to enlist as many different kinds of cats as possible for even better benefits.

Toy Defense Fantasy

Melsoft’s Toy Defense Fantasy comes in at number six on our list of the best tower defense games. Play this light strategy game to see how well your defensive abilities hold up against the opposition. You’ll find yourself in a medieval world, with the responsibility of keeping your castle safe from invasion.

Toy Defense’s requirement that you create air and sea assaults is just as mind-boggling as its requirement that you create ground ones. The only way to truly protect your kingdom is to devise air strikes. In addition, your infantry can be constructed and commanded independently of any predetermined tactics. If you want to see how well your strategies work, you can either challenge a friend to a match or play in tournament mode against a group of random opponents. Play more games like dinosaur game.

Grow Tower

Grow Tower has made it to number ten on our list of the best tower defense games. Created by CookApps, this tower defense game is a lot of fun. It portrays a remarkable mash-up of genres that will keep you engrossed. There is something here for players of all skill levels and preferences.

Careful consideration of both tower selection and placement is required for success in Grow Tower. There are only so many places in the tower that can be used. As a result, it’s recommended that you set up the towers that you believe can best defend against the various types of foes you expect to face. In addition to your towers, you have access to a variety of heroes who can turn the tide of battle in your favor. Bear in mind, though, that these heroes aren’t easy to obtain and require a variety of time and effort investments.