9 Fun Things to Do in Seattle with Family

Seattle, Washington

Seattle is one of the most-visited cities in the USA. There is no dearth of fun things to do in Seattle, covering historical and cultural attractions aplenty. From unique and charming museums to the Great Wheel, the city has multifarious marvels in store for visitors. On that note, here is a closer look at some of the best fun activities with family members in Seattle.

The top 9 fun things to do in Seattle with family members are listed below:

1. Visiting the Seattle Centre

The Seattle Centre offers fun and frolic for the whole family. It covers a whopping 74 acres throughout the Lower Queen Anne locality and has numerous playgrounds and green zones, along with installations and public art provisions. There is a massive playground for children along with the appealing Dupen Fountain which offers amazing experiences for visitors. It is one of the fun things to do in Seattle which comes with a dining zone which has food trucks and also a skate park.

2. Seattle Great Wheel Rides

Your entire family will appreciate rides on the Seattle Great Wheel. You will fall in love with the wonderful views of Elliot Bay, the Seattle skyline, and the Puget Sound on the Ferris Wheel which is 175 feet tall. The Great Wheel is positioned at the end of the 57th Pier, with gondolas which take visitors up for about three turns and spectacular views. Every gondola is enclosed completely with a VIP choice as well. This has a floor with a glass bottom for a spectacular adventure. The views are superb on days which are clear, while rides at sunset are also marvelous, to say the least! You will find several short term rentals in Seattle near the Great Wheel and other landmarks in close proximity.

3. Museum of Pop Culture Trip

You can take a trip with your family to the Museum of Pop Culture which was spawned with the Experience Music Project of Paul Allen, a Microsoft co-founder. The  museum offers several pop culture attractions, covering movies, television, and music. From DJ-ing at the Sound Lab to viewing life-size Star Wars models or characters from video games, there is plenty on offer.

4. Checking out the Seattle Children’s Theatre

This is one of the top things to do in Seattle with family. Your kids will love the plays shown across the couple of theatres here and also storybook presentations like The Velveteen Rabbit and The Very Hungry Caterpillar. A unique drama school is also present on-site.

5. Seattle Children’s Museum Trip

This museum is ideal for children who are ten years of age or less, and comes with several learning and cultural exhibits. The basement is where there are exhibits sprawling over 22,000 sq. ft. Playing zones include the Cog City and also the Imagination Studio. These are experiences that will keep children entertained with aplomb.

6. Pacific Science Centre Movies

Looking to spend some time with your family on one of the best things to do in Seattle with family? Watch the amazing IMAX movies at the Pacific Science Centre. The exhibits and virtual reality zones will wow children, complete with advanced virtual reality technologies and immersive experiences. The Willard Smith Planetarium will also take children on a journey of discovery across the solar system. There are multiple movies running at the IMAX theatre here as well.

7. Green Lake Park Picnics

The Green Lake Park in Seattle is a great place to spend some time with your family. You will love the pathways and trails all around, along with the pristine waters. There is a key recreational zone along with facilities for cycling and skating. There are playgrounds for children available in tandem with lawns and pedal-boat rentals. Going to the Duck Island in the lake is another wonderful activity.

8. Hiram M. Chittenden Locks  Experience

Out of the things to do in Seattle with family, you will love experiencing this fish ladder that comes with viewing windows alongside. You will love the salmon schools which migrate and go up the fish ladder at this Ballard landmark. You may reach here with a northward drive of 15 minutes from the downtown. There are lovely walking tours available from the visitor centre as well.

9. Volunteer Park Exploration

Volunteer Park is a tranquil urban zone with stunning views. The park sprawls over 48 acres which has several recreational facilities. There are big lawns with pathways and picnic tables which go through playgrounds for children, flower gardens, and pristine lily ponds. Going up the water tower observation deck ensures beautiful views of the city as well. Families will love exploring this lovely park with its music pavilion in summers where concerts and performances are held regularly. From July till the onset of winter, you will witness blooming Dahlias which are supervised by the Puget Sound Dahlia Association.

These are some of the fun things to do in Seattle with family. You can check them all out on your upcoming trip. Make sure that you book tickets in advance.

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