A Quick Guide To Using Instagram Reels for Your Businesses

instagram reels

If “a picture paints a thousand words”, can you imagine what you can do with short videos? 

Video is a powerful medium to engage with your audience in a way not possible through photos, text, and other formats. Through video marketing, you can present valuable content to your audience and position your business as an authority in the industry. A successful video marketing strategy can lead to higher conversion rates, increased brand awareness, and greater credibility and trust. 

But due to the budget, time, and skills needed to create videos, many small business owners hesitate to include video marketing in their strategy. 

This is where Instagram reels come in handy, giving you some of the benefits of video marketing without the costs.

What Are Instagram Reels?

instagram reels

Instagram reels are full-screen videos in vertical format, suitable for mobile users. They can be up to 90 seconds if you record them in the app, and up to 14 minutes long if you upload a pre-shot video. These short, entertaining videos have taken the internet by storm and are now considered an effective way to grab your followers’ attention. 

One of the advantages of reels is they’re easy to create. For simple reels, you don’t need a separate video editing tool — you can create videos using your phone and utilise their existing editing tool and an extensive library of audio tracks. You can also hire a social media specialist or get services from a professional digital marketing agency to get better results.

How to Make the Most Out of Your Instagram Reels

Instagram Reels are short videos, so you have to use your limited reel time wisely. In this guide, we’ll share a couple of tips for making the most out of your Instagram reels: 

1. Decide on Your Reel Time

Before deciding what kind of content you’ll create, first determine how long your Instagram Reel will be. The time limit for reels is 90 seconds. If your video is longer, then a preview will be played in the feed and users may choose to watch the remainder of the video. 

The right duration will depend on the content you plan to share as well as the purpose of your Instagram reel. A minute-long reel gives you more opportunities to share instructional content like how-tos. A 15 or 30-second IG reel length, on the other hand, is preferred if you want to share a specific piece of information like product reveals, deals, and promos. 

2. Start strong with a catchy title

The average human attention span is around eight seconds. That said, the first few seconds of your reel should be strong enough to make them stop scrolling and pay attention. One of the foolproof ways is to have a catchy title or intro text that will pique their interest. The CHRO events to attend in 2023 are mostly focussed on reels and importance of use of a catchy title.

3. Please the senses

Instagram reels take your audience into an audiovisual journey. In some cases, you don’t need  to add words to convince them into buying your products — you just need high-quality photos, videos, and sensory audio. 

Show, not tell. For example, a restaurant’s Instagram reel I recently watched only runs for 30 seconds but it was enough to stop me from scrolling. The video is a shot of their roast pork dish being sliced. The mouthwatering visuals mixed with the soothing sounds of how crispy it is were enough for me to inquire about their menu. 

4. Turn your quality photos into videos

Don’t have time to record new content? You can use recent or old photos and turn them into a catchy, promotional reel. Make your photos dance with eye-catching text animations, transitions, templates, and most importantly, music. You may also utilize other editing tools to take your videos to the next level 

5. Time your images or video to the beat

When it comes to using audio, you don’t just upload your video and throw random background music in there — you must time your images and video to the beat to make it engaging. You may also use audio with lyrics related to the message of your reel. 

The good thing is Instagram has a wide selection of audio options in its library, from instrumentals to trendy songs with lyrics. You can also use sound effects and voiceovers to make it more interesting. 

6. Create Amazing, Share-Worthy Content

IG reel Informative content

Short videos are a great opportunity to deliver educational, entertaining yet concise content that adds value to your viewers. Unlike Instagram photos, you have up to 90 seconds to make your viewers learn, laugh, cry, or take a specific action — like following your page or booking a hotel stay. 

Here are some of the content ideas ‘

  • Share useful information or solutions that are relevant to your field, like how-tos, DIYs, guides, tips and tricks, and more. If you have a restaurant, you may share anything from cooking tutorials to “benefits of good food to your mental health”. 
  • Insider scoop videos – Followers love insider content that allows them to get to know your business on a more personal level. Sharing “how it’s made” or “behind the scenes” videos can make your business be more relatable and authentic.
  • Promotional materials – these may include new product reveals, deals and promotions, announcements, and FAQs about your products and services, 
  • Content made in collaboration with other brands or influencers
  • Follow trends but make them your own!

Don’t forget to include a call-to-action (CTA). 

Author Bio: Carmina Natividad is a web content writer during the day and a foodie, musician, coffee connoisseur, and plant mom when her day shift is over. She enjoys sharing her insights about blogging, web design, SEO, and other forms of digital marketing. To know more about digital marketing, check out the blogs of SPRINT DIGITAL Agency Dublin.