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From a fussy family member to your fitness-minded partner, your fashion-conscious best friend, or anyone between, what would you buy your favorite people this Christmas? The gift guide for this season is here to save the day!

Global Village makes shopping fun and simple because it’s packed with thoughtful presents for everyone at one stop. If you don’t want to spend long hours looking for gifts for your family members, browse over our guide to gifts that includes many articles to give your loved ones a gift, carefully selected to make holiday shopping easier this holiday season!

Gifts That Are Sure to Warm Mum’s Heart

Your mom has always been always there for you, and she should be treated by every opportunity you have by giving her a gift that is as unique as she. Receiving a gift from you is nice enough, but how do you ensure that it’s something she is going to find valuable, interesting and an extra reward? That’s the hard part. Here are some tips to show her how much you love her.

Scarves are from Kurdistan at the Russia Pavilion: Who cannot resist an elegant silk or a warm wool scarf? In the summer, whether outside in the cool winter air or inside sipping a cup of tea, your mom will surely wear these scarfs throughout the seasons.

Custom-made coffee set in Egypt Pavilion: Why not create a family-friendly event and have everyone together for coffee, tea or hot chocolate. Serve your favorite beverages in these gorgeous hand-crafted cups?

Accessory at Europe Pavilion Hand-crafted and made in Spain Unique jeweler and scarves make the ideal gift for mom.

Italian stoneware from Europe Pavilion: A pretty dish is a simple method to add more elegance (and practicality!) to your kitchen.

Fun Salad Servers at Lebanon Pavilion: Give the enthusiastic cook in your life one of these distinctive salad servers they can serve at every dinner gathering.

Dishes originate from Uzbekistan at the Russia Pavilion: If your mom is a host this durable porcelain dish can withstand boiling hot dishes and traditional household favorites.

Gifts for Dad That He’s Sure to Love

The season of giving is the time to must pull out all the stops to show your appreciation for those that you care about the most, such as the man who has been with you throughout your entire life. Looking for ideas for a gift for dad? Look no further! We’ve got your back!

Leather Chess Set made from Kazakhstan in the Russia Pavilion: What is the most fun family-friendly activity for the weekend? Bring everyone together for an exciting game by purchasing an elegant custom-designed set of chess.

The traditional Arabic Board Games at Syria Pavilion Oldies but goldies The board games could be played with children and adults of varying age groups and aren’t less fun with age. It can be transformed into a holiday tradition for all the family!

BBQ Set made by Armenia on display at Russia Pavilion: From your backyard to your kitchen counter an BBQ set can be a valuable accessory this holiday season.

The Festive Lounge in the India Pavilion: Does your Dad enjoy chilling out? Get him comfortable with some unique cushions on his couch!

Family Trees at Europe Pavilion: Get this stunning personalized wooden family tree for dad.

Best Gifts for Friends to Celebrate Your One-of-a-Kind Bond

Your loved ones have been there for you throughout the highs and lows of life. This holiday season; be sure to be grateful to them with an extra special present. These unique gifts will definitely put you on Santa’s wish list this Christmas!

Nintendo Game Boy at Japan Pavilion The perfect gift for your friends to an era of nostalgia with legendary games consoles Nintendo Game Boy games and rare collectibles to give them an original gift that is sure to bring back memories and happiness.

Arabic sweets from Syria Pavilion: Give your sweetie a selection of sweet treats from an array of Arabic sweets, including Kunafa, Baklava, Ma’amoul, Basbousa, and Kanafeh.

Bath Bombs at the Russia Pavilion: These bath bombs are among the top stress relievers your friend could ever need to indulge in self-care at home.

The custom-designed mugs available at Americas as well as the Lebanon Pavilion: Sipping on hot coffee is one of the most exquisite things you can do. Give your loved ones an individual mug that is personalized exactly the way you think your loved one would want it!

Gifts and Stocking-stuffers Your Kids Will Love

There is nothing more heartwarming than watching your child’s face smile when they open their Christmas gifts. If it’s to show appreciation to your child for being awesome, or are looking to impress your adorable little cousin, these presents are from Global Village are some of the most amazing Christmas gifts that a child could ever want this holiday season.

K-Pop Collectibles at Korea Pavilion: Your tween always keeps her fingers on the pulse. So evidently, she’s been a lover of BTS much earlier than everyone else. Get her a collection that she’ll cherish for the rest of her life.

Anime Socks on display at the Japan Pavilion: With socks so cool, you’ll love wearing them all the time.

A plush hot water bottle at the Japan Pavilion: Next time children feel unwell they can wrap themselves around one of these adorable plush hot water bottles to get instant peace.

Pjs at the China Pavilion: Cute patterns aside, the light and breathable fabric provides an incredibly comfortable and cozy sleeping experience — all throughout the year.

Fidget Toys at Thailand Pavilion: Pop fidget toys are the latest trend this year! The kids are in love with trading the toys, collecting them and simply popping bubbles. The convenient pack comes with poppers in a variety of shades, so that your children can play with their friends.