Best Treks of Karnataka

  Best Treks of Karnataka : Adventurous  Treks




Karnataka is a site full of cultural heritage perched, it is also a technological hub. his place has historical significance . Due to being a major royal site in the medieval age and even before. The diverse linguistic and religious ethnicities that are indigenous to Karnataka, combined with their long histories, have contributed enormously to the distinct cultural heritage .



Best Time to Trek 

The season after monsoon which is from October to May is the idlest time of the year to enjoy trekking in Karnataka.  From October to May the climate is delightful to relish your voyage to Karnataka and trek along the uneven tracks of Karnataka. The climate is reasonable to support your inquisition journey. During this period the weather is intriguing, it is neither much warmer nor much cooler. The weather is cozy and comfortable to appreciate every instance of your journey.


The natural beauty is at its peak during this period of the year, hence it is the idlest time to visit this natural paradise. 


There are various sites to relish trekking in Karnataka, some of the most renowned among all sites are:-


Best places to trek in Karnataka


Kodachadri trek


Kodachadri Trek  is a mountain peak with thick forests elevated at a height of 1,343 meters above sea level situated in the Western Ghats in Southern parts of  India. perched in the Shivamogga District of Karnataka, which is 78 km away from Shimoga. It is declared a natural heritage site by the government of Karnataka and it is renowned as the 13th highest pein of Karnataka.


. And the viewers will instantly fall in lovepwith this trekking site away from the busy city life. 


Witness the majestic beauty of Nagra fort and this historical architecture will instantly catch your attention. This picturesque destination will enable you to uncover some bewitching facts regarding our glorifying history. 


Kumara  Parvatha  Trek


Kumara parvatha is a mountain peak with thick forests elevated at a height of 5626 feet above sea level situated in the Western Ghats in Southern parts of  India perched in the theSomwarpet region of Kodagu District of Karnataka. Kumara parvatha is the highest mountain in the Pushpagiri wildlife  sanctuary.


The thick forests will make you spellbound, you will feel that you are out of this world. This will provide you with a soothing experience of walking amidst the greenery. 


The trekkers will get a mesmerizing view of the western ghats , from there you can glimpse at the larger section of beautiful western ghats. 




Z point trek, Kemmanagundi

. This Trekking site is a must visit for adventure enthusiasts and it tends to provide one of the best trekking expeditions in Karnataka. lush green valleys and some most bewitching surroundings. This trek includes some of the deepest ravines. This trek offers a beautiful view of Chikmagalur and sunrise and sunset views.


Kudremukh trek


 The trekkers need to obtain permission from the forest department in order to relish the Trekking experience here. 

This wonderful destination is worth the effort and you will find yourself in an unbelievable world full of greenery.


Mullayanagiri trek


Nested at the altitude of about 1930 meters above the sea level. This magnificent peak is located in the Baba Budan giri range of the Western ghats. This place offers a moderate temperature for trekking and provides a relaxing environment for the trekkers.

This place will provide a best trekking experience. 




Karnataka is a southern state which provides busy city life and at the same time, it offers many wonders of nature to glimpse. The dense greenery, adventurous hills, and be witching views  .

The variety of trekking destinations will be eye-soothing for elerelders and will refresh the hearts, minds, and souls of tourists. Karnataka trekking will provide you with a mmbreakurbreak from an everyday hectic lifestyle .

You can get back to your life all rejuvenated.