Boron: Why You Might Be Neglecting this Important Mineral

Boron Supplements

Boron is a trace mineral that is documented to have positive effects on various bodily functions. Prune juice, avocado, raisins, apples, and coffee are just some of the foods that give you the benefits of boron. Boron is available in supplement form so individuals can maximize the advantages it provides for overall health and wellness, including stronger bones, improved concentration, healthier skin, and stable hormones.

The Many Benefits Offered by Boron

Boron Improves Bone Health

Boron offers outstanding benefits to one’s overall bone health. Boron can help in improving vitamin D utilization which then enhances the body’s efficiency in absorbing calcium, thus promoting stronger bones. Supplementing boron can also provide one with protection against bone weakness which could result in osteoporosis. What’s more, boron plays a significant role in decreasing enzymes that may produce an inflammatory response, reducing joint pain and stiffness related to arthritis.

Boron Improves Brain Function

Small studies have shown that boron can help enrich an individual’s brain function and cognitive performance. Research shows that low levels of boron may result in weak cognitive development, difficulty learning, and struggles in retaining information. Boron may assist in improving the brain’s mental clarity, motor control, attention span, and even short-term memory. Additionally, there’s also an argument that increased boron intake can help normalize one’s mood and elevate emotions.

Boron Assists in Treating Yeast Infections

Boron, in the form of boric acid, can be utilized to deal with vaginal yeast infections. Experts recommend using boric acid as a second option should the other first-line antifungal medications prove to be inefficient. In this case, boric acid should never be ingested. Boric acid comes in the form of a capsule that is inserted into the vagina to hasten the healing process of painful infections.

Boron Helps Treat Arthritis

Research shows that the anti-inflammatory properties of Boron can assist in alleviating the symptoms of arthritis. As boron improves the integration of calcium into a joint’s cartilage, it can help prevent joint deterioration and arthritis pain. Adding to that, there is also research indicating that individuals with low concentrations of boron in the bones are at a higher risk of arthritis.

Boron Helps Balance Hormones

Boron is regarded as a mineral that can assist in stabilizing the sex hormone levels of both women and men. As they promote the balancing of hormones including estrogen, boron may be beneficial when it comes to dealing with menopause symptoms like night sweats and hot flashes. There are also studies revealing that boron helps support healthy fertility whereas depletion may increase the risk of fertility problems and birth defects.

Boron Improves Skin and Prevents Infections

Boron mineral may be utilized as an astringent that assists in preventing and alleviating skin irritations and infections. Boron assists by eliminating bacteria while decreasing pain, redness, inflammation, and other signs of irritation. Boron can also help fight against signs of aging on the skin. What’s more, some individuals also integrate boron as a natural eye wash to eliminate bacteria and prevent the development of sties and various other infections.

Boron Improves Wound Healing

Boron helps the healing process of a wound, acting as a facilitator of vital enzymes that play a key role in filling the wound with new tissue for proper healing.

Boron Promotes Healthy Gums and Teeth

As mentioned earlier, Boron improves an individual’s efficiency in absorbing calcium. Therefore, it makes sense that boron helps in boosting dental vigor and preventing tooth decay. By reducing inflammation and improving bone and tissue repair, Boron can be beneficial in keeping your teeth and gums healthy.

Is Supplementing Boron Safe?

When consumed in the appropriate dosage, boron is generally safe to take. However, consuming boron in excess can cause toxicity symptoms and unwanted issues. Excessive boron can produce nausea, vomiting, skin flushing, diarrhea, rashes, headaches, and convulsions. As boron may affect the production of hormones like estrogen, the National Institutes of Health warns that supplementing boron may be detrimental for individuals with hormone-sensitive issues such as breast cancer, endometriosis, and uterine fibroids.

How Much Boron Can I Take Daily?

It’s estimated that most adults consume about 1 to 1.5 mg of boron daily from food sources. The recommended daily dosage for boron is currently not known, but there is a study made by the World Health Organization that indicates that 1 to 13mg/day is an acceptable safe range for boron intake. Age also plays a factor in the safe amount that an individual can take.

Important Considerations Before Supplementing Boron

Like any supplement, it’s ideal to take boron mineral initially in small dosages and slowly increase the amount over time as your body allows. Consulting a healthcare professional such as a registered dietitian or medical doctor should always be the first step to take when you’re planning to use or supplement boron into your diet. A professional would determine the best supplement variation, daily dosage, and the timeline with which you can take boron. They would help in determining whether a current medication you’re taking would be compromised should you decide to use boron.