Comforting Recovery Using Mastectomy Pillows in Fort Smith, Arkansas

mastectomy pillows

Mastectomy is a surgical procedure to remove either one or both breasts affected by cancer. However, it is a major life-changing event for patients diagnosed with this condition. It is an emotionally challenging experience that needs a significant mental and physical recovery. One major aspect of recovery is using mastectomy pillows for easing physical discomfort and emotional stress of the treatment. In this article, we will share all the benefits of using mastectomy pillows to help patients’ recovery from breast cancer surgery in Fort Smith, Arkansas.

What is a Mastectomy Pillow?

A mastectomy pillow is a specific cushion to offer comfort and support to patients who undergo mastectomy surgery. It consists of soft and breathable materials, such as polyester, cotton, or bamboo. It comes it various sizes and shapes to fit various body types and surgical requirements.  Some pillows even have certain features, like adjustable strap to accommodate tubes for drainage or hollowed-out center to support the arm on the affected side.

Benefits of Mastectomy Pillows

Here are some major benefits of using these pillows to patients who undergo mastectomy surgery:

Pain relief:

After mastectomy surgery, women are most likely to experience discomfort and pain in the shoulder, chest, and arm areas. With the help of pillows after a mastectomy, it is easier to alleviate the pain by offering the much-needed cushioning effect. It even helps in decreasing pressure on the surgical area while improving blood circulation.

Support for drainage tubes:

In certain cases, patients may require drainage tubes after mastectomy for eliminating excessive fluid while preventing swelling. Using the pillows for a mastectomy can help in supporting these tubes while preventing them from tugging or pulling on the skin, which can be uncomfortable and painful.

Relaxation and comfort:

After the surgery, it is crucial for patients to find a way to have a comfortable and relaxing recovery. It is easy to achieve with the help of pillows for mastectomy. These pillows offer a cozy and soft surface for resting on. Plus, they help women become more at ease and more comfortable during the entire recovery process.

Decreased risk of complications:

With the use of these pillows, there is a lesser risk of surgical complications, like swelling, infection, and improper wound healing. It even offers the much-needed support and cushioning effect to the surgical site. Plus, these pillows promote healing while preventing any further damage or injury.

Mastectomy Pillows in Fort Smith, Arkansas

Are you a patient in Fort Smith, Arkansas, who has recently undergone a mastectomy or lumpectomy? If so, you might be in need of high-quality and comfy mastectomy pillow. There are many local resources that may help in better recovery:

Local Hospitals:

Some hospitals in Fort Smith, Arkansas may provide pillows for mastectomy recovery to patients after mastectomy surgery.

Specialty Stores:

There are even many specialty stores in Fort Smith, Arkansas selling mastectomy pillows, as well as other recovery products. These stores may also offer a wider range of pillows to meet one’s personalized fitting and other consultation services.

Pink Ribbon Inc. Offers Pillows for Mastectomy Recovery

Mastectomy pillows are vital for faster recovery of patients who undergo mastectomy surgery. These pillows offer the right amount of cushioning, comfort, and support to the surgical area. Meanwhile, they help in reducing discomfort and pain while promoting better healing. At Pink Ribbon Inc., the experts recognize the significance of mastectomy pillows during the recovery phase. Hence, they offer them to patients in need.

In addition to offering mastectomy pillows, Pink Ribbon Inc. even provides various other support services and resources to women after mastectomy surgery. Some of these services and resources include emotional support and educational support.

All-in-all Pink Ribbon Inc. is a reliable place for women affected with breast cancer, including those who are recovering from mastectomy surgery. The organization helps patients’ recovery quickly and successfully from the challenging times after surgery. Meanwhile, they promote greater awareness and better understanding of this condition in the community. With the awareness, affected persons can detect the condition at an early stage for faster treatment and recovery.