How to fix HBO max error code 905? [A list of solutions]

hbo max error code 905

Are you getting HBO max error code 905 while steaming? Are you disturbed by some sort of error code? If yes then scroll down to know its solutions to fix:

At times, users of HBO max get an error code of 905 on the screen while streaming the application. This issue happens suddenly and can cause your streaming to a halt. This happens for numerous reasons such as interrupted internet connection, outdated version of the HBO application, and server issues. In addition to this, the cache on the browser is also a possible reason for this type of error code. If you want to get this error code fixed then let’s dive into this blog to know all the solutions:

Why HBO max error code 905 occurs?

This error code could occur because of several reasons. If you’re aware of the reasons then it becomes easy to apply the proper solution. So, let’s have a look at some possible reasons for error code 905:

1. Problematic network connection

To connect with HBO max, there’s a need of having a proper network connection. No matter what device you are using for streaming HBO max, it needs to have a proper network connection. If there’s a problematic network connection then you are going to get this error code 905.

2. HBO max server down

Another possible reason why you are getting this error is the server issue. If the HBO max’s server is down due to any reasons or for maintenance then you will see this sort of error code.

3. Outdated version of the application

Sometimes, using an outdated version of HBO max can also be problematic. The outdated version will lack some features and ultimately you will get to see this sort of error code while streaming.

4. Cache on the browser

If you’re using the browser for streaming the HBO max then make sure that it doesn’t have any cache. The cache, junk files, and cookies available on the browser will interrupt the functioning of the HBP max application. As a result of this, you get to witness this error code on your screen while streaming it.

How can I fix hbo max error code 905?

From the above section, we got to know how these pointers can cause this error code. Once you know the reason for the occurrence of this error, you can apply suitable solutions which are mentioned here:

1. Solve the issue of network connectivity

The first solution that you can try to fix this error code is solving the network connection issue. If your device is not getting a connection then you should check it once. Try turning the wifi device off for a few seconds and then switch it on.

2. Clear all the junk

Another crucial solution is clearing the junk and cookies from the browser on which you are streaming HBO. If you streaming the HBPO max on an Android decide then here’s what you need to follow:

  • For this, you need to first select the HBO Max app and then tap on the clear cache
  • In case you are using a browser to stream it, go to privacy settings. After this, you just need to choose “Clear browsing history”. After doing all these steps, you simply have to choose the clear cache option. This will clear all the junk records.
  • Once you are done doing these steps, you can close the browser and then again reopen it.

Try to update the application

If the error code has not been solved on the HBO max then you can also try updating the app. Once you will update it, many new features will get added. So, this can sometimes solve the HBO error code 905. So, try it if nothing works out.

3. Check for the server issues to be solved

Whenever it is about any HOBO max server issue then you cannot do anything to solve it. Just wait for a few hours to get it fixed by itself.

4. Get in touch with the HBO Max customer support

If you’ve tried all the solutions still not getting any relief from this error code, then it is time to contact customer support. Whenever there’s any technical glitch then you will get informed by the representatives so you must contact them.


HBO max error code 905 can interrupt the streaming at times. So, here we have covered a list of some possible reasons because of this issue happen. Along with this, you will also find out how to fix this error code with suitable solutions. Hope this blog helps in fixing the error code with ease.

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