Improve Dojo Operations with Top Martial Arts School Software

martial arts school management software

The road to mastery in martial arts involves not only perfecting your physical abilities but also running your martial arts school with efficiency. Manual management and traditional record-keeping can be difficult, time-consuming, and error-prone. You need the right tools, like martial arts school management software, like JIBASoft’s OnMat, to improve student experience and streamline your operations. Continue reading to find out more about how this software helps dojo business owners in attaining success.

Benefits of Martial Arts School Management Software

The way martial arts schools run has been completely transformed by martial arts school management software. It includes a broad range of functions and resources intended to improve and streamline different facets of managing a dojo. This software can assist you in achieving operational excellence as a teacher or as a school owner.

Let’s examine some of the most important ways that martial arts school management software can change the way your dojo runs:

1. Streamlined Billing and Payment Collection

With the help of advanced martial arts school management software one can easily automate their billing and payment collection system. This ensures easy setup of recurring payments, automatic fee collection, and convenient online payments. It helps in saving time and reducing the chances of money disputes and late payments.

  1. Easy Monitoring of Attendance

Thanks to OnMat martial art school software it becomes easier to monitor student attendance. Unlike the conventional ways of manual sign-in sheets or punch cards that are time-consuming, software is a convenient way to track attendance. With this software, one can easily track attendees and ensure an accurate record of every student’s progress. Hence, instructors can figure out the involvement of interested students.

  1. Tracking Student Progress

Another vital part of martial arts management is to check student progress. Using OnMat martial arts software, it is easier to track accomplishments, training background, and belt progression of students. This also makes instructors adapt to the requirements of students while keeping them motivated to succeed.

  1. Class Scheduling and Management

Dojos generally provide different classes and instructors. It’s often hard to manage class schedules, assign teachers, and ensure right sized classes. But this is not an issue with martial arts software. Automated software makes it easier to schedule classes along with effective distribution of resources. This makes things convenient for instructors, as well as students.

  1. Inventory Management

For all dojos, it’s vital to manage inventory – particularly if they provide uniforms and other martial arts accessories or equipment. In this case, the dojo owners need to add their products to e-commerce platforms for selling things online. Using martial arts software enables them to keep a tab on inventory while setting reorder alters.

  1. Analytical Reporting

For continuous improvement in school via data-driven decisions, it’s vital to access comprehensive insights. This is possible thanks to the advanced analytics and reporting tools that OnMat provides.  As a result, the dojo owners get to see a whole picture of the performance of their dojo.

How to Choose Martial Arts School Software

It is important to select the right software for the successful running of a martial arts school. But when choosing software, keep in mind the school size, your budget, and the school’s unique requirements. Considering these factors, you also need to seek a software with convenient interface. Meanwhile, it needs to provide several features and strong customer service to meet your requirements.

Here are some beneficial features that make OnMat martial arts software the right option for you:

User-Friendly Interface:

OnMat boasts a user-friendly interface with an intuitive layout. This makes it easier to handle various school operations without any inconvenience.


This software also enables users to personalize the software as per their unique requirements. No matter you are a small martial arts school or a large dojo community, this software works as you prefer.

Accessibility on Mobile:

OnMat is easy to access on mobile devices. This makes it easier for instructors and students to use it from anywhere and anytime they want.


Another good thing about OnMat software is that it offers good value for money due to its reasonable investment cost. So, you don’t need to spend a lot of money to install it.

Customer Service:

OnMat also offers responsive customer support. This ensures that the software quickly addresses any issues or inquiries that clients may have.


JIBA Soft’s OnMat is the top martial arts school software that every dojo business owner requires. Using this software, you can focus on your teaching while optimizing various administrative tasks.  Meanwhile, it helps in boosting student engagement, effectively tracking attendance, or streamlining billing. Keeping the above benefits and features in mind, choosing OnMay is a wise decision. With this software, you can advance your dojo’s operations while moving towards a successful future.