In-Person Exhibition Platform Must Have Features

In-Person Exhibitions are perfect to put your brand in front of your attendees. Today, as in-person events are back in trend so many organizations, are hosting in-person exhibitions, trade shows, conferences, and other such events. 

But traditionally hosting an in-person exhibition might not get you many attendees so you should consider using an in-person exhibition platform. And we are mentioning some must-have features that will help you select the platform easily.  

Must-Have Features For In-Person Exhibition Platform

Here are some of the features that are must-have for in-person exhibition platform: 

1. Customization

Customization is the feature that an on-ground expo platform must have. Customization allows you to create a platform and event that is in sync with your organizational goals. With customization, you get an opportunity for branding.

You can experiment with your platform, background, registration form, invites, etc with the help of the customization feature. So you can’t skip this feature. 

2. Analytics Dashboard 

Your On-Ground Expo platform should have an analytics dashboard because if you are hosting an in-person exhibition it is difficult to track your attendees and analyze the insights of the event. If you are using an in-person exhibition platform you may want to collect audience data for analysis so make sure you are choosing a platform that has an analytics dashboard and can offer you real-time insights. 

3. Registration 

Your platform should allow not just online but also on-ground expo registration. Yes, you can get a lot more attendees with online registration but there are times when your attendees might not able to register in advance so your platform should be able to offer on-spot registration for the exhibitions. With this, you will be able to attract more attendees. 

4. Ticketing 

Again both online and in-Person exhibition ticketing. Your attendees should be able to get tickets according to your convenience. If they want to get the ticket online your platforms should offer them safe ticketing and payment option. And if your attendees want to get on-spot ticketing then also your platform should offer quick and on-ground ticketing for the exhibitions. 

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5. Feedback Feature 

The next must-have feature for an on-ground exhibition platform is the feedback feature. If you are hosting an exhibition you might be looking for an opportunity to gather feedback from your attendees to know their experience and it will also help you understand your limitations and what factors you should be working on for your next event. So your platform should provide a feedback form. 

6. Navigation 

The next feature that is a must-have for an in-person exhibition is the navigation feature. If you are hosting an in-person exhibition it will be at a huge venue with a lot of different exhibit booths so the navigation feature becomes crucial in that case. The navigation feature will allow you to add the map of your venue by which your attendees will be able to navigate your venue. 

7. Integration 

Integration is another must-have feature for an on-ground exhibition platform. Hosting an in-person exhibition will require sending regular updates regarding registration, tickets, sending invites, and other information. So you might need to integrate platforms like Email, google meet, MS excel, calender, PayPal, and WhatsApp. Not just that you may also want your attendees to share about your event on social media platforms and in that case you will need social media integration too. 

8. Live Commerce

For any exhibition platform, live commerce is a must-have feature. In an in-person exhibition, a lot of exhibitors might be promoting their products or service, or they can also launch a new product or service during an exhibition so, in that case, it is important for a platform to have a live commerce feature, as exhibitors will be able to sell their products and services easily with live commerce feature. 

9. Customer Support 

For any platform customer support is a must-have feature. With the help of customer support, you will be solve all the problems that your attendees might be facing. You can also offer live customer support on the platform. For instance, if your attendees are facing any issues at the venue you will be able to help them with live customer support. 

10. Exhibitors Profile 

This is one such feature that you for sure can’t miss. If you are hosting an in-person exhibition with the help of an in-person exhibition platform it should have an exhibitors profile feature. This feature will help attendees gather all the information regarding different exhibitors and their exhibit booths. 

The Bottom Line 

Now that you know all the must-have features for an in-person exhibition platform you will be able to select the perfect platform for your next exhibition.

We have covered all the features that can help you in creating planning and successful in-person exhibitions. We have covered features like customer support, analytics dashboard, customization registration and ticketing etc