Paperwork Required When You Buy a Used Bike In India

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Nevertheless, purchasing a used motorcycle has some benefits. It demands a unique set of necessary inspections. The vehicle’s physical condition, particularly the state of the engine, shocks, brakes, tires, etc., can be checked physically as part of these tests. The paperwork is another issue that needs your attention. To transfer the vehicle into your name, you will need these documents and zero depreciation bike insurance.

Registering Certificate Book

The registration certificate, also referred to as the RC book or the RC, is one of the most important records that serves as evidence of the bikes’ registration. This document is required for changing the vehicle’s ownership at the RTO. So, if you purchase a used motorcycle, be sure you get the RC from the seller.

You should also carefully inspect the RC book for important information like the seller’s name, the chassis number, the engine number, and other pertinent information. Remember that the RC will have a bank seal if the car was purchased with a loan. The bank will then need to stamp Form 35 and sign a NOC letter, which you must do next.

Insurance Certificate

According to India’s motor vehicle regulations, an insurance certificate is required for every vehicle. The appropriate RTO would only register your motorcycle if this certificate were included. Before concluding the sale, ensure you get the bike seller’s insurance certificate. Once obtained, you can contact an insurance provider to take possession of the property. You could choose to purchase online bike insurance. This method is significantly more straightforward. Motorcycle insurance from HDFC ERGO is affordable.

PUC Certificate

Before purchasing a second hand motorcycle, you should sift through this critical document. The Pollution under Control (PUC) The certificate attests that the pollutants your motorcycle releases comply with India’s requirements for pollution control. It is given out when a motorcycle passes an emission test and can be completed at any of the nation’s pollution control facilities. The PUC includes the license plate, certificate serial number, test date, expiration date, and test results.

Sales Receipt

If you purchase the motorcycle from a dealer, you must receive the sales receipt. The sales receipt is evidence of purchase at a private or dealership sale. The buyer and seller’s signatures should ideally appear on the sales receipt. The list of prices for sales tax, excise tax, and the add-on will also be included on the receipt.

Road Tax Certificate

You must obtain the road tax certificate from the motorcycle vendor as part of your used motorcycle transaction. acko bike insurance the road tax is often paid to the RTO once or yearly. This certificate, which must be submitted to the appropriate RTO, will include information about the payment of road taxes. Additionally, the road tax certificate confirms that the vehicle is free of any outstanding fees.

Transfer Deed

Last but not least, before buying a used motorcycle, make sure you have obtained the transfer deed. The transfer deed is legal documentation of transactions and ownership changes from the seller to the buyer. The deed will list the motorcycle’s chassis, engine, and registration numbers, as well as the names of the parties, their addresses, and identification documentation. Along with the revenue stamps, this needs to be signed by both the buyer and the seller.

Advice for selling a bike that was previously owned

You can buy insurance for acko bike insurance. For the legal transfer of ownership of a used bike, keep in mind the following advice:

  • Along with the signed copies of Forms 29 and 30, ensure your RC, insurance, and PUC are all in good standing.
  • Verify that the proof of death and succession certificates were correctly registered with the RTO if the car is being sold because the original owner passed away.
  • As soon as possible, complete and submit the transfer application. Here, BeepKart might be helpful.