Top 6 Reasons You Need a Serger to Sew Your Garments

serger sewing machines

Are you ready to purchase your first sewing machine? Like buying other appliances, your expectations will vary during this purchase as well. From learning what’s best for you to knowing the features and the capacities of the machine, you have a long way to go. But when it comes to a serger sewing machine, it is a whole new experience for the user. 

Although you might not own a serger mandatorily there is no denying that it eases while sewing modern fabrics. Moreover, it adds strength to several seams. With a serger sewing machine Canada, the finish on the inside of the stitched items looks like newly-bought apparel from shops. Once you try sewing with an overlock or a serger sewing machine you will never go back to any other option. 

Here are the top 6 reasons why you must own a serger to sew your garments.

Why must you own a serger sewing machine?

  1. For sewing garments
  2. Have you already started exploring serger sewing machines? Before buying the machine to stitch your apparel, you need to know that it helps in creating clean edges on various seams. The cutting blade of the machine trims the edges of the fabric accurately. Apart from this, the threads in the upper and lower loop wrap the fabric and protect the edge. Another reason why sewing enthusiasts prefer using overlock machines is how they help in construction. No wonder the hemming and the finishing seams make every apparel look professional. Many people use sergers for woven fabrics needed in garments.

  3. Stitches with overlock machines
  4. An overlock sewing machine offers different types of finishes on stitched garments. Here are the kinds of stitches possible with sergers.

    • Chain stitch: The chain stitch comprises a chain looper thread and a needle thread. While the top portion of the stitch looks straight, the underside appears like a flat loop. You will often find chain stitches on jeans. 
    • Overlock stitch: In an overlock stitch, you will need a lower and upper looper thread and one needle thread to create back-and-forth stitches as the loopers move toward each other. So, you will find the lower looper thread at the bottom and the upper looper thread at the top. All you need is to check out various machines and explore the features in detail to know what kind of stitches you will need when using the serger.
    • Wave stitch: The Wave stitch is the decorative option you need to pick using a decorative thread and the standard overlock thread. 

  5. Handling complicated fabrics 
  6. Do you often face trouble when sewing fabrics like woven, knits, lace, or sequins? Yes, you can get a serger sewing machine for sale for different types of lightweight fabrics, woven and non-woven fabrics, vinyl and textured fabrics, and heavy fabrics. You can use a three-thread stitch for silk fabric and a stretch needle while handling knitted fabrics. Linda's Quilt Shoppe is one of the most trusted places in the Okanagan area to get quality serger machines within your budget.

  7. Making a rolled hem
  8. Nothing is easier than creating a rolled hem with an overlock sewing machine for scarves, napkins, and bridal veils. As the fabric is encased in a thread and rolled around the pin, you will get a beautiful hem in several minutes. You can also create a decorative effect if you want with a contrasting thread.

  9. Differential Feed
  10. When it comes to serger stitching, you will have two different feed dogs and a differential feed system. While the front-feed dog pushes the fabric lying under the presser foot, the back-feed dogs push the fabric out of the serger. If you increase the differential feed to make it easy when you are trying to push something in. You can also decrease the differential when sewing a lightweight fabric. 

  11. Making the finishing seams sturdy
  12. The overlock machines are excellent when you are working with finishing seams and ensure that they are sturdy. Furthermore, it is easier to insert several pieces of fabric into the garment. Want to add decorations to the fabric pieces? Search sewing machines for sale near me to sew as many fabrics as you want for the best finishing seams.

Sergers sew faster and quickly and help in repairing torn seams quickly. The basic stitches that this machine creates are sturdier and stretch further ahead than the regular sewing machines, making the garments more durable than others. Above all, you must own this machine for the blade that it has, and helps in discarding excess fabric as you keep on stitching. Therefore, you can get accurate hems that require no cutting. 

These are just a few reasons why you must be owning a serger but there may be several other features why you may need it for stitching different types of fabrics and garments.