men wallets


Our exclusive Men wallets, made from grade 1 titanium, make a real statement. These high-quality wallets for men and women can be individually configured.This high-quality gift for men has been awarded the German Design Award and impresses them with its noble look.Made of titanium, the wallet is made for front pockets.This high-quality wallet is RFID protected.Your cards and banknotes can be safely stored in this exclusive wallet.

Easy Access

The unique pull strap is a game changer. Cards can be slid out of the American flag Wallet in seconds. Fanned out, each card can be removed individually

. Adapted to individual requirements, up to 20 cards are held securely and compactly. Smart Handling The cash clip made of lightweight carbon fiber or

recycled plastic makes it easier to handle the banknotes and Emphasises the unique AVIATOR design. A highly elastic band on the back of the AVIATOR Slide holds banknotes securely and firmly.

Space for more

The integrated coin compartment provides minimalist storage for change. It can also be used as a multifunctional compartment for keys, banknotes, and SD cards. The aluminium double version offers even more space for essential small items or larger coins

Fixable Adjustment A unique feature of the AVIATOR wallet is the adjustable elastic strap, which is built into the frame. This allows the number of cards to be adjusted as desired,

with space for up to 20 cards at the maximum setting. The inner frame, the heart of the AVIATOR wallet, is also available in durable aluminum.


    • Robust

Acrylic is a strong and durable material that is impervious to scratches and cracks. This makes it ideal for use in a credit card holder that is subject to constant wear and tear. An inner frame made of acrylic strengthens the wallet and ensures that it stays in good

shape even with heavy use.

    • Light

Especially if the weight of your credit card case is important to you,

a you take with you when you do sports or if you want to weigh yourself down with as little weight

as possible, the acrylic inner frame is the right choice for you. Acrylic is similarly light as carbon and is therefore hardly significant.

    • Stylish

Matching the acrylic coin compartment,

the acrylic inner frame completes the look of your credit card holder and gives it a modern and sporty look.

    • Cheap


in contrast to the aluminum inner frame, is available at no extra charge.  


    • Strong and resilient

Aluminum is a lightweight, yet strong metal ,

making it the perfect material for a credit card holder that needs to withstand everyday wear and tear.

 The inner frame gives the credit card holder extra support

so that it does not wear out as quickly and maintains its shape and structure even with frequent use.

    • Easy to clean

Aluminum is a smooth and non-porous material that is easy to clean and maintain. When your metal card holder gets dirty, simply wipe it down with a damp cloth to restore its shine.

    • Exclusive full metal

Combined with the aluminum outer panels,

the aluminum inner frame and the AVIATOR credit card case become an exclusive full metal wallet. Its clean and modern appearance makes it a perfect partner for everyone who loves clean and high-quality design.

    • RFID protected

The aluminum inner frame is RFID protected. This means that your credit card details cannot be read by electronic thieves. This additional security feature gives you peace of mind when you’re out and about with your metal credit card case.

    • Can be combined with colored titanium screws

For a unique look of your credit card case,

it is possible to combine the aluminum inner frame with colored titanium screws in

This combination creates a purse that is not only exclusive and stylish but also durable and corrosion-resistant. 

The titanium screws are only compatible with the aluminum inner frame,

they cannot be fully countersunk in the acrylic inner frame. Our Aviator credit card cases made in Germany are known for their attention to detail and their quality craftsmanship.

 Whichever Inner Frame you choose,

when you invest in one of our credit card holders you can be sure you are getting a

quality design product that has been made with care and will last, maybe forever.

The Inner Frame is the component between the outer panels which the front panel ,

s bolted and the strap structures of the AVIATOR credit card case are bolted.

 So to speak, the inner frame is the heart of the AVIATOR, which holds all the components together. The cash clip made of lightweight carbon fiber or recycled plastic makes

it easier to handle the banknotes and emphasises the unique AVIATOR design. A highly elastic band on the back of the AVIATOR Slide holds banknotes securely and firmly.