Top 10 Free Classic Arcade Games for PC in 2023


There’s no need to shell out cash or tokens if you’re a fan of classic arcade games. There are now PC versions of classic arcade games. Arcade games are a constant phenomenon in the gaming community for many reasons, including their simple controls and charmingly retro visuals, as well as their low system requirements and ease of play.

In 2023, however, which free classic arcade games are actually worth playing? This list should speak for itself. Here are the top classic arcade games you absolutely must play on your PC, so get ready to update your game list.


The Google Pac-Man 30th Anniversary Online Game ranks first on a list of the best classic arcade games. We used to play this obscure arcade game, originally called Puck Man, which was based on the legendary Pac-Man game.

You’ll have to collect coins while dodging ghosts, so while it may look easy, the game will drain your adrenaline quickly. Once you’ve consumed the PAC-dots and been transformed into a ghost, it’s time for revenge; let loose all your pent-up vigor and go after the other ghosts. It’s time for you to experience the pacman 30th anniversary as well.


Whenever you get the chance, play the classic arcade game Tetris. Electronic Arts’ Tetris is an arcade adaptation of the classic game with new and interesting gameplay options. There are two different tile-matching game modes available in this EA release: Tetris Galaxy and Marathon Mode.

If you think you have what it takes to become the Tetric King, you can track your stats and see where you stand in comparison to the other one million players from around the world.


Golden Axe Classics is an exciting classic game by the well-known developer SEGA. Numerous gamers pick it because it includes every Golden Axe game up to and including Golden Axe 3.

The gameplay is identical to the classic original, but the protagonists, their magic, and their foes will all be different. Since using magic will drain your supply of potions, strategy is essential. Finding an elf or elf-like creature carrying a bag will reward you with one of these elixirs.


If the iconic plumber Mario is left off this list, it will never be the best. Nintendo, creator of countless memorable video games, released Super Mario Run. In order to rescue Princess Peach and the Mushroom Kingdom, you must progress through a number of levels, just as in the original arcade game.

There will be a lot of challenges and enemies to overcome, just like in the original game, but this time they’ll be spread out across six different worlds. In addition, you’ll want to keep an eye out for gold coins. The fact that you can acquire additional tools and decorations with which to create your very own Mushroom Kingdom is merely the icing on the cake.


Pinball Flipper Classic 11in1 – Arcade Breakout 18 is next on the list of top free classic arcade games. You can relive fond memories while enjoying some modern upgrades to the classic pinball experience on your computer.

To score points, you’ll need to launch a ball and keep it in play with the flippers, just like on a regular pinball machine. The additional challenges, obstacles, and even newer tables make this arcade game even more exciting.


Super Tank – Battle City 1990 is the last of the top-tier free classic arcade games to make this list. The inspiration for this design came from the old-school arcade tank game for the Nintendo Entertainment System. It’s great that the classic game can be enjoyed on a computer.

Whether it’s the tank models or the environments, you can’t help but be reminded of the original game. It’s important to note that only 65 of the 100 available levels are based on the original NES arcade game, so there’s a lot more to explore.


The Brick Breaker Arcade from Boze Games has been added to the canon of great retro video games. This game is similar to the classic arcade game Brick Breaker Arcade, but it can be played on a personal computer with high-definition pixel art.

The 40 exciting levels in the updated Brick Breaker Arcade will keep you entertained for hours. Every stage has fantastic presentations that both veteran and novice players can enjoy. To advance to the next level, you must first complete all five levels of the current stage.


Did you ever take pleasure in playing arcade games that involved space shooting? You don’t need to reminisce when you can play Squadron – Bullet Hell Shooter on your computer. It’s a fantastic Magma Mobile production in which you control a spaceship and must defeat a variety of foes in order to save the day.

There is a brief tutorial for the controls, even though the gameplay is intuitive. Your spaceship will automatically fire, making it much more convenient to destroy your enemies. Your spaceship has an automatic firing mechanism, but you’ll still need to use all your evasive skills to survive the onslaught of incoming missiles.


Geometry Dash is an action platformer that puts your rhythm and timing to the test. Throughout the game, you’ll visit different environments, each one packed with deadly traps and obstacles.

You control a box-like character who must jump or fly to the end of each level without being damaged. Geometry Dash can be discouraging for new players because of how difficult it is to avoid the spiked obstacles. However, if you put in the time and effort, you will eventually figure out a strategy that will allow you to surpass any difficulty.


Comix Zone Classic is the perfect game for you if you enjoy both fighting games and comic books. This SEGA classic combines elements of classic fighting with those of comic books.

Throughout the game, you’ll assume the role of Sketch Turner, a man who finds himself immersed in the pages of a comic book he himself wrote and illustrated. Here, you’ll have to put your fighting skills to the test against a wide variety of foes.