Top 6 Blog Channels to Follow About Streaming Platforms


One can not accept the thing that he searched for something on the internet and did not get the information. The Internet has every answer to almost every question. Each search on the internet fetches thousands of websites containing the answers. Sometimes, the answers are also available in different formats like text, video, audio images, etc.

However, sometimes this flood of information confuses us about which site to click on to get full information. So, here comes blogs to help you. Actually, blogs work as a guide. Blogs present updated information to the point. Therefore, blogs play a big role to make us acquainted with something in detail.

Here, we have discussed the top six blog channels to follow about streaming platforms. The usages of streaming platforms are on the rise. Netflix, Prime Video, Disney+, 9anime app, Sony LIV, etc are some famous streaming sites.

Streaming Media Blog

‘Streaming Media Blog’ is a big media company. It is also one of the big streaming services covering organizations. It hosts hundreds of original content, news updates, and information about streaming services. Their weekly newsletters bring the latest updates about live-streaming platforms. Global Top Trend


Dreamcast Blog is another top name in the arena of streaming services. It presents the latest updates and news regarding it. Dreamcast has hosted many live-streaming sessions on different social platforms like- Facebook, Twitter, Skype, YouTube, and Google Hangouts. Their blogs are very worth following.

Tubular Insights

Its former name was ‘Reel SEO’. It not only provides updated news in the field of Streaming services but also works as a guide for online marketers and video makers. Tubular Insights is also a great site to learn video Search Engine Optimization, market research, and statistics. Every year,  It hosts a summit where innovative marketing ideas are discussed.


The blogs of TechCrunch are a great source of information in the fields of innovation, development, and technology. Be it a new gadget or new startup or a new technological development, TechCrunch always keeps its readers updated. It also hosts blogs about streaming services. It is a valuable blog sight for this.


It is a very well-known site for the latest news and trends in technology, gadgets, and streaming platforms. Its blogs are comprehensive and provide information in detail. Written by experts, the blogs of Mashable cover each new development in streaming platforms. Trending Update News

In our list of six blog channels, comes in last. Like the previous five blog channels, it is also worth following. Here, you will get a good number of blogs on streaming services. The site also hosts some important blogs about online marketing and video blogging strategies.


The development of technology is not standing in one place. It is evolving throughout all days and weeks in a year. In line with it, services and gadgets are also evolving. In our busy lifestyle, we may not find enough time to know about all the innovations and latest updates. For this reason, blogs are helpful in making us acquainted with them in a short and informative way.