Web3 Gaming Is Not A Revolution But Rather An Evolution

Web3 Gaming Is Not A Revolution But Rather An Evolution

“Out with the Old Guard, in with the New” has been the refrain in the cryptosphere for more than ten years.

It is logical. In the big picture, the financial crisis of 2008 was a trigger. People demanded a new global reserve currency, which led to the creation of DeFi, an entirely new financial system in addition to a cultural movement. In particular, web3 and bitcoin sparked a movement to destabilize established power structures.

This revolutionary spirit still drives the web3 space today. It draws Founders, developers, and users to innovative new projects, with NFTs, DeFi, DAOs, and Web3 Games being the main ones. There are many leading web3 game development Firms that are leading in the space of web3 development in the form of apps & games in the upcoming times. To know more about it you must take the services of web3 development once. Because with knowledge and experience you know how to run a business for web3.

However, it is illogical to assume that the entirety of web3 should be revolutionary. It presents an untrue binary choice: either accept it or reject it. In reality, many web3 projects need to be evolutionary, not revolutionary, to succeed. They must improve upon the best aspects of earlier times. In particular, this is true of web-based gaming.

We think that in order for web3 gaming to succeed, it must build upon the most successful web2 gaming. Web2 game pioneers are among the most talented business people we’ve ever encountered when it comes to developing products, inspiring engagement, and generally comprehending user psychology. The product psychology that made games so meaningful and enjoyable in the web2 era, before some users’ primary motivation was to make money, should be embraced by web3 game projects today.

Web3 Gaming Is Growing:

Web3 gaming is expanding. A staggering 49 percent of blockchain usage in 2021 was related to gaming. The number of daily active wallet connections to blockchain-based games reached over 1.4 million in the past year, surpassing DeFi as the most popular category.

In 2022, growth has continued. In March 2022, Web3 games attracted 1.22 million unique active wallets or 52% of blockchain activity. Games are the entry point for bringing in net-new users to web3, according to my partner Morgan Beller.

Here are some guidelines for creating the best web3 games:

Evolutionary Principles Of Gaming 3.0:

One must first accept the idea that web3 games are an evolution built upon the success of web2 games rather than a revolution that can ignore all prior principles. We think that all popular web3 games will adhere to this fundamental idea.

Web3 games, in our opinion, are fundamentally about giving users more control. Who owns them, what you can do with them, and how much money you can make from using them are all changing as virtual goods and in-game currency.

The fact that virtual goods and in-game currency are now stored on a blockchain represents a significant change for game developers, but it also has important implications for users in terms of the ownership of in-game achievements, items, and tokens.

1. The Changing Ownership of Virtual Goods

Virtual goods have been a feature of video games for a while, and they are now so prevalent and real-feeling that they bring in billions of dollars in revenue for game developers and trading volume.

I can spend a few hundred, or even a few thousand dollars, on a virtual knife when I play Counter-Strike. In Counter-Strike, I can exchange it for money, sell it, and essentially do whatever I want with it. But it’s not entirely mine.

2. The Development of the Game Money

Virtually all video games feature in-game money. Some games feature two, three, or even more in-game currencies to represent various aspects of the game economy. To earn these currencies, players train hard and grind for hours. Others actually pay real money to purchase in-game currency. However, once you have acquired or purchased in-game currency, you cannot remove it from the game. Even if you stop playing and have a large balance left over, this balance will continue to exist forever in the game. Most of the time, it cannot be exchanged for money or used in another game.

What characteristics mark a great web3 game?

Here are a few qualities of outstanding games in the upcoming web3 generation.

The first characteristic of a fantastic web game is that it would always be fantastic. New web3 game elements won’t help if the game isn’t enjoyable and compelling for the user. Founders of web3 games should be aware that everything we have learned about web2 games still holds true.

The best games will be entertaining and compelling, and they will have virtual items and in-game currency that users actually own.

These virtual assets and money will be exchanged and moved between various games.

Web3 Gaming is about to experience its next wave:

Web3 gaming is currently in its early stages. It does have a certain revolutionary feel to it, though there are some significant differences.

Up until this point, the majority of the game development has been carried out by “crypto people,” who are new to the industry. However, they are approaching it solely from a financial angle, which is flawed. It will fall apart the moment people decide to play the game primarily because they think they can win money at it. Not everyone will win, and for the rest, there won’t be any excitement to keep them playing. You won’t attract as many users if there isn’t any excitement, which will make it harder to make money. a downward trajectory.