Website loading at top speed with plugin from JCH Optimize.

Website loading at top speed with plugin from JCH Optimize.

Guide on Website loading at top speed with plugin from JCH Optimize.

How can you make your website load faster?

If your website only loads after 10 seconds, most visitors drop out to go to another site that loads faster.

If your website loads within 2 seconds, that is positive and your visitors will stay on your website longer. And staying longer on your website also comes down to a higher ranking in Google.

How do I measure the performance of my website?

The performance of your website can be measured with various online tools:

Testing at Pingdom Website Speedtest:

Pingdom Website Speedtest for measuring loading time, run this test multiple times for an average result. Have the test carried out from Frankfurt, which is the country closest to the Netherlands for the best result. Below are the results I have achieved with my website, it would not be great if these results also apply to your website, if you have doubts about how to set everything up with JCH I can support you perfectly with that.

Google page speed testing

Pagespeed from Google here you get a grade for the performance of your site max.100 points, if your score is below 50 then there is work to be done.

But with a score like the one below then you are on the right track, a score of 96 on a desktop and 75 on a mobile takes some effort but is worth it.

If you also want to get a good score with your website, I can do a test without obligation and provide you with advice to also get a nice score.

Testing at GTmetrix

GTmetrix is similar to page speed with more insight into your loading speed. With Performance you can see where you can achieve more improvement, if everything is green then you are on the right track and you are done. With the performance I have a score of 98%, this is also very dependent on the busyness of the web server of your website, but a result of more than 90% is a good score, the structure score of 95% says something about where there are still bottlenecks that can be solved.

I have here the results of a test of my website, after I provided my website with the new Astroid template I no longer use JCH because the template without JCH also loads super fast.

The loading time is now almost 1 second, this is measured on the weekend from London, if the website is loaded from the Netherlands it will be slightly faster. I measured about 10 times and this was the fastest, with outliers of almost 1.2 seconds, which is still good.

If you have performed these tests and you get a low score, of around 50% for both, then there is work to be done.

Do you want a faster loading time with your website?

Then I can do a no-obligation check to see where more speed can be achieved for a better score. Unfortunately, I can’t do anything about slow hosting, please contact me for more speed on your website.

A slow website can have many reasons, but an important reason is to find a good hoster. A budget hoster still uses HDD servers and these are slower than the new SSD servers.

With a budget hoster, multiple websites are hosted on a server. Your website has to share the computing power of the server with the other websites, which in turn leads to a slow loading time. These can be all kinds of sites including 18+ sites, these take a lot of speed off your site.

Choose a good hosting for your website.

With good hosting, you have to share the server with far fewer customers, which in turn results in a faster loading time. The hoster I always recommend is Antagonist, and for the smaller websites, a good option is Vimexx.

I have made a Joomla website for several customers who had already purchased a hosting package from another party, these were the so-called budget hosters, and the speed difference is sometimes very large.

The website is first built on the server of my website with a subdomain. Then you also have a fast loading time. After delivery, if the website runs on a server at the budget hosters, the loading time is usually disappointing.

With differences of can then increase considerably, you should not want this, as this costs visitors and/or potential customers. If you want to build a website or have it built never save on your hosting, you will certainly regret it.

You also get more speed if your website is well built, do not use unnecessary plugins, the use of a Twitter module or displaying your Facebook messages slows down your site enormously in its loading time because a lot of data has to be loaded from the outside and this only takes time

The use of Gzip also a speed increase because then all data is compressed and unpacked by your web browser, this is turned on in System>General settings then the subheading server, set Gzip compression to YES, and you have cut a little more of the loading time.

Don’t make your photos unnecessarily large to load.

Using large photos on your site also inhibits the loading time of your website, a photo that you use from a phone or camera is easily 3 mb, and if you have several of these large photos on your website, it takes a few seconds to load.

If you have reduced the photo in dimensions in your article, it will remain 3mb in size, think of it as a large box with stones that you can fold (MAKE SMALLER) the weight remains the same, so it is with a photo.

With a photo that you reduce via compressed, there is only 75kb left, which is a big difference in size and loading time. To get your photo completely perfect you should also make it smaller in dimensions, in my blog I use 2 dimensions, 1 for the blog and 1 for the full article.

I use a Joomspirit template for my site. This has the advantage that almost everything is made with CSS. This ensures few conflicts with some plugins but also a fast loading time, resulting in a higher ranking in Google.

Super plugin for a fast loading time of your website

Speed up the website for more visitors

When using the plugin JCH-Optimize, various adjustments are made by this plugin, which is available in the free version for testing.

But for the real thing, you better choose the paid version, with this you can set much more for an optimal loading time, it now costs about € 30, – with half a year of support.

This plugin ensures that your site is optimally prepared for a faster loading time, a halving of the loading time is no exception and the website gets a higher score at Google’s Pagespeed.

You will first have to do a baseline measurement, so without the use of JCH, then turn it on and test again.

If you have the results of the tests, you can use JCH-Optimize and jpeg compressor to make your website as optimal as possible.

Test every adjustment you make, because there are settings that compress the CSS and JavaScript in such a way that modules etc. are no longer displayed properly and that is not the intention.

After the settings are made, you will see that you have a much better score and also a faster loading time for your website. So get started with this and you won’t regret it.

If you have any questions or don’t understand something, please let me know and contact me. Also visit Blognewshub for more information.