What are the different types of PC Mice?

what are the different types of PC Mice?

A gaming mouse is your choice of input device for playing your favorite PC game. And at the heart of any such device is the mouse. You can now find a vast array of mice available in the market to suit your personal needs and preferences. The Question of what are the different types of PC Mice? is quite common.

Of all the different types of mice available in the market there are two basic categories i.e. clicky or non-clicky mice. A clicky mouse is more responsive and precise. Then a non-clicky one, and that’s what you need in a gaming mouse.

What are the different types of PC Mice?

For a gamer, it is very important to be able to accurately fire the weapon and block your opponent’s attacks. The mouse is the most important input device for gamers and hence should be of good quality.

But the question that arises is what are the various types of clicky mice available in the market? And what does each type mean? Clicky mice are smooth and responsive, and they are termed as good for gaming. They are used in gaming peripherals like gaming keyboards, mice, controllers, etc.

There are two main types of clicky mice – the optical mouse and the mechanical mouse.

Optical Mouse

An optical mouse uses light rays to detect movement and helps you to scroll through the text. They are easy to use, flexible, and lightweight. They have a good range of tracking and a high degree of accuracy. It usually does not have a scroll wheel, but a pair of buttons known as buttons.

They are available in various sizes. They come with housing for attaching to your gaming laptop or desktop. And all such mice have two surfaces, one for the left hand and one for the right.

Mechanical Mouse

This type of mouse uses a non-electronic moving motor to sense the surface and make a physical response. They are commonly used for gaming as they are very accurate, and have a good range. They are good for long gaming sessions.

The clicks are made with physical action. They have a few buttons, typically one button and two buttons. they usually have a scroll wheel, and buttons on the sides. However, these are not as popular as the optical mouse.

Electronic Mouse

This type of mouse is basically a standard mouse with an electronic sensor built into the unit. It provides high accuracy and is great for gaming. However, due to the movement of the sensor, the smoothness of the movements can be affected. It is often perceived as bumpy.

In all, the clicky or non-clicky mouse is important to buy, because it comes with various advantages and many disadvantages. A good gaming mouse can be a must-have device if you play a lot of games on your PC. So try and choose the best one for you.

The budget mouse

You can find decent quality, cheap mice for as little as £10. They tend to be compact and light and you will usually find ones with soft-touch rubber feet to prevent them from slipping about when you move your mouse around.

The ergonomic mouse

If you like to work from a desk with your hands perched on top of the mouse, then an ergonomic mouse is ideal. Ergonomic mice have curved, soft mousepads and their backs can be contoured to a comfortable shape for your hand.

The gaming mouse

Mice with adjustable DPI settings and fancy color schemes are very popular with those who enjoy gaming on their PC, as they allow you to optimize the mouse for different game types.

The wireless mouse

Wireless mice are considerably more expensive, and even if you do pay the premium, you won’t be able to make your own adjustments to the DPI. Still, for those who don’t want to have to deal with a cable and the bulkiness of a conventional wired mouse, they are worth the extra money.

What are the important features to look for?

• In general, the most important features you should look for in a gaming mouse are:

• The most important features to look for in a gaming mouse are the distance between the buttons. The width and the height of the mouse, the level of flexion, and the degree of switching to the other buttons. The Number of buttons, and how they are arranged on the mouse. I try to explain to you what are the different types of PC Mice?

• You should also look for a mouse with a lighted logo. Which can be changed at the flick of a switch on the mouse.

• The ergonomic design should have a similar grip to the fingers, and a straight back so that you can comfortably use the mouse for extended periods.

What are the best gaming mice available in the market?

There are different best gaming mice available in the market, some of the best gaming mice available today are

  • Dazzle M9
  • Logitech G Pro
  • Razer Mamba Tournament Edition
  • Microsoft Gold Wireless Mouse
  • Corsair Obsidian Series
  • Razer Lancehead
  • Razer DeathAdder Elite
  • Razer DeathAdder Elite

There are so many other options, but these are the best-selling gaming mice. If you are a serious gamer then you need to go for a high-quality gaming mouse and not a cheap mouse just to make sure that you get the best. So make sure you take proper measurements of the mouse and see whether it matches your preference or not. Now, what are the different types of PC Mice?  is not difficult for you.

Hope You know the answer Now: what are the different types of PC Mice?

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