What Do You Mean by Google Core Updates and How Do It Affect SEO

What Do You Mean by Google Core Updates and How Do It Affect SEO

Are you in search of Google core updates? Want to know how it affects SEO? Then you are at the right platform; here present our Assignment Help New York experts would help you to find out about Google cores updates and their effect on SEO. 

Google is considered to be the most used search engine on the internet that is used by more than two trillion users each year. So, there is no wonder that Google updates its algorithm often. The previous year, Google launched its search engines with almost 3000 changes; and this year it has introduced Google Cores updates. 

There are many people, who don’t have any knowledge about Google Core updates. So, before going to any further discussion, we need to know what Google core update is actually. 

  • What Do You Mean by Google Core Updates?

Google cores updates make significant and broad changes to its search algorithm and systems. In this regard, while other search engines launch their new updated version, we fail to notice it due to subtle changes. But core updates get attention because people notice their effect on search results while using them. 

  • What is the Main Aim of Providing Google Core Updates?

The main of providing Google core is to improve the search experience of users by giving them relevant, necessary, and trustworthy content that actually helps users. It is not the first time Google core has updated its system, it has done this several times in a year. When it finds it works very well, then it receives confirmation from Google. 

  • When Do Google Core Updates happen?

Most of cases, it is found that Google provides its core updates several times a year, usually every few months for providing a better results to the user. 

When Google thinks to provide its updates, then before or the day of, it announces its updates, though there are some updates that take several days to roll out for users. 

  • How Can You Check the Google Core Updates?

There are various ways to check the Google core updates, below we have mentioned two ways to check it.

  • You can find the google core updates by following Google SearchLiaison on Twitter
  • You can use various free algorithm monitoring tools, such as RankRanger and AccuRanker in order to find whether Google has updated its core or not. 

Or, you can subscribe to those updates from various platforms in order to stay updated. 

  • What is the Difference between Google Core Update and Other Updates?

According to experts, Google core  are similar to the list of recommendations for various TV shows. With time, the recommendation list changes; and as new shows come, the old shows obsolete in order to keep the list relevant and up to date. 

If you notice subtly, you would find, the Google core update is different from other Google updates. These differences include – 

  • Whenever Google thinks to update its core version, then it announces the updates, but it never announces its other algorithm updates. 
  • Google recognizes its core updates, but it never recognizes its other algorithm updates. 
  • Google names its core updates, but it never names other algorithm updates. 

If you check properly, you would find, the design of its core updates stands apart from other algorithm updates. 

With the help of core updates, Google wants to introduce multiple features of its search algorithm in such a way that would make search results more relevant and helpful for the users and various purposes. 

Through core updates, what Google offers its, users, are noticeable more clearly than other algorithm updates, which we fail to notice due to its very minimal changes. 

The recommendation of Google’s core update would change year after year, with the invention of new technology, advanced features, new suggestions, etc. As the new core updates arrive, the old version retires. Through the core updated version, Google wants to keep its users up to date with time. 

  • How Do Google Core Updates Affect SEO?

Besides having a lot of advantages, Google cores updates have a lot of disadvantages too. There are many people who get worried, as Google announces its core updates just because it gives a negative impact on their websites. If you are one of those people then you must look at the below mentioned signs Google Core . 

  • Google Core Updates Decrease Rankings 

When Google updates a broad version like Core updates, then SEO often looks at search engine results pages. Here the ranking of your website in the search engine result pages can provide you with insight into whether Google core updates have hurt your website ranking or hurt it.

It may take several days to check whether the Core updates have helped you or hurt your site. After knowing about it properly, you will come to a conclusion about its effect. But there are several ways to check the ranking of your website. These include – 

  • Google Search Console 
  • Google Search
  • Ahrefs 

If you want to check the current position of your website, then you can check it using various keywords. You can check the ranking for informational keywords like “how to bathe a rabbit”, and transactional keywords like “rabbit shampoo and conditioner”. 

  • It May Decrease the Traffic

Google core updates may decrease the traffic of your website. If your ranking in the search results drops, then you would lose your traffic. You may find a drastic drop in traffic depending on your before and after rankings. 

You need to compare your traffic year-over-year. Take the look at individual pages’ traffic and find the difference. 

  • How to Overcome the Google Core Update 

If you are worried thinking about that the Google core update has made your page less traffic, then don’t worry, we have a solution for you. By following a few steps, you can sort out this problem. 

  • As Google provides its core updates, with it gives quality rater guidelines too. You need to check Google’s search quality rater guidelines thoroughly. 
  • Provide the best quality content to your readers in order to keep your audience contented with your page get your assignment help services


I hope after reading the blog, you have come to know what Google Core are actually and how it affects the search engine optimizer or SEO. According to our Assignment Help San Francisco experts, for better performance and smooth search results, Google core updates are a must. So, we have to cope with the problem to get a better experience.