What Makes The PTE Exam Different From Others?

PTE Exam

Popular as the Pearson test of English, the PTE exam was created in 2009 with the intent to deeply access the English proficiency of the candidates. Candidates who are seeking various educational and career opportunities abroad have to go through an English proficiency test. This English proficiency test will deliver scores to him that would be in complete accordance with his level of English proficiency. These scores are further used as proof of English proficiency level. One needs to submit the certification along with other proofs during the visa application process.

According to many experts, the PTE exam has successfully given strong competition to other English proficiency tests since its origination. There is a list of reasons that made the PTE exam the first choice of many candidates. The article is written with the intent to shed light on those reasons that make the PTE exam different from other English proficiency tests.

If you are in a dilemma to choose the best English proficiency tests for accessing your English proficiency. Then, this article can help you clear all your doubts, making you opt for the best. Well, to be genuine, you must opt for the PTE exam if you are facing trouble in achieving excellent band scores or seeking fast results. The IELTS exam has the privilege of being the most recognized English proficiency test due to its long presence in the market. However, the PTE exam is giving the test tough competition due to its easiest structure and fastest results. Even due to these factors, the test comes under the category of best alternatives to the IELTS exam.

The short length of questions and assessment at the deepest level made some experts believe that the test is much better than other English proficiency tests. That’s why so many candidates are opting for the test. Continue to read the reasons why you should opt for this test.

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Let’s learn the top reasons that make the PTE exam different from other English proficiency tests:

Quick Results

This surprises many people that the PTE exam furnishes results within 5 business days or earlier. Yes, this is true. You will get results within 5 business days or earlier if you have opted for the PTE exam. The other English proficiency tests can take more than 13 days to furnish results to the candidates which delays the visa application process as well. Therefore, those seeking quick results must opt for the PTE exam.

Impartial Results

There is a zero chance of discrimination in the PTE exam. The use of computers in the tests has put a full stop to all sorts of partiality. Which is quite common in human-delivered tests. That’s why the PTE scores are quite reliable in comparison to other English proficiency tests.

Strong Recognition

As we know that the test originated in 2009 but gained a strong prominence since then. With less than 15 years of presence in the market, the test has very wide acceptance abroad. Though it doesn’t have as strong recognition as the IELTS exam. But the government of New Zeeland and Australia has recognized the PTE exam as a medium to access English proficiency.

The Mode of the Test

Candidates who are opting for the PTE exam must have the basic knowledge to use the computer as the test is always conducted online mode. Develop your interaction with the PTE tests through the PTE sample papers available over the web. Even through a computerized mode, the test will be able to access your proficiency in the English language at the deepest level.

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If you are seeking more clarity on which test to opt for. Then, opt for solving the PTE sample papers that are accessible over the web for free. This will help you get sheer clarity on the structure and benefits of the tests. Moreover, never forget that although the structure of the test is easy the test uses strict standards and rules to deliver excellent scores to the candidates.