Which are the Top Tourist Attractions for Engineers


Most parents want their children to become doctors and engineers without keeping in mind the interest of their children. If you are a lucky parent and your child has an interest in becoming an engineer then you must check the engineering tourist attractions and plan a trip for them. In every region, different language is spoken. Therefore for planning a trip to different engineering tourist attractions, tourism translation services are of great help. Let’s have a look at different engineering tourist spots.

Millau Viaduct France

Although it is not on the list of bridges and skyscrapers, it is the cable-stayed road bridge in the South of France. The fascinating thing about it is that it is the tallest in the world with a height of 343m

This bridge was initiated by the French engineer Michel Virlogeux and designed by the English architect Lord Norman Foster. The design of this bridge resembles a huge yacht. It consists of seven slender pylons that are supported by a 40,000-ton metallic deck.

It can cost you £6.30 to travel on this massive bridge and in the rest area, films and models are exhibited without any charges. If you want more information than the information center is present beneath the bridge and it guides you to travel inside the flyover large pillar.

Falkirk Wheel, Scotland

This astonishing piece of engineering is made by following Archimedes’ theory of displacement. When the boat enters the upper craft then it gets lowered with basin water. At the same time, the equal eight rises in other crafts.

Each craft weighs 500 tones that carry both boat and water. It gets balanced with the cogwheels. They are powered by ten hydraulic motors which utilize 1.5kWh of electricity per turn. To understand the working of this rotating boat, the engineering student must take the assistance of engineering translation services

The 27m wide and 35m high wheel makes it easy to travel across the Clyde canal and Union canal and people can get a beautiful sight of the Scottish countryside from the highest point.

Burj Khalifa, United Arab Emirates

If you are traveling in Dubai then you cannot miss the tallest building in the world. Do you know that it took six years to build 163 floor skyscraper and it was inaugurated in 2010? Burj means tower. It is designed as a Y shape desert flower.

This shape helps in mounting the airflow around the building and prevents the building from high winds. The pumping concrete under pressure method was used to build a higher part of the tower.

Another problem was the air conditioning system. It is too large that it used 15 million gallons of condensation in a year. It is preserved under the building and is reused.  To know about the engineering and construction challenges of such a huge building, an audio tour is also available. Here you can take assistance from engineering or you can utilize tourism translation services to get travel and engineering documents in any language

Grand Canyon Sky walk, US

It is the horseshoe-shaped girder bridge over the Grand Canyon. It was opened to tourists in 2007. When you walk through this huge bridge, you can view the captivating beauty of the Grand Canyon. The amazing technical part that nobody can ignore is its hanging which is 21.3 meters away from the edge of the Grand Canton

The Sky walk hangs 1220 meters over the Colorado River. The best part is that it can support 822 and 90kg people and can even withstand earthquakes up to 8.0 Richter scale. The digging of the foundation took the time of one and a half years. The irradiation of the bridge is built with two-inch thick plates which are 183cm deep and 81cm wide. In addition, the deck is made up of five layers that are 7cm thick and is made up of composite glass.

Trans-Siberian Railway, Russia

It is one of the world’s famous train routes. Trans-Siberian Railway not only connects the Moscow with Vladivostok which is the largest route covering 87 cities, 7 zones, and two continents. It is only one section of connecting railway from London to South East Asia. Although the Moscow-Vladivostok was built around 120 years ago and still it is one of the longest railway lines. It is the impressive work of engineers that have built railway tracks over the water-clogged ground, permafrost, and Siberian Rivers. The most inspiring thing is the construction of tunnels through mountains and railway bridges across traverse canyons and mountain Rivers.

Wrapping Up

Education with practical knowledge makes you proficient in your field. Engineering is a very demanding field and many technicalities are involved in it. If you want to give practical gist of knowledge to your child that wants to pursue a career in engineering then you must plan a trip to above mentioned top engineering tourist spots.