Why Phulara Ridge Trek Stands Out The Most In Our Country.





Have you ever experienced the most thrilling and out-of-the-box trek? The one which gives you goosebumps, the one which gives you an instant serotonin boost, the one which cures all of your traction, the one which will leave you thinking about it for days, nights, and repeat. Then here’s your cue to know all the things about why Phulara Ridge Trek stands out the most in our country. This trek will leave you refreshed, and mesmerized and you will surely cherish your time spent on the trek. Let’s pack and hop on this trek and, Come on! Do not dilly-dally!


Why Phulara?

One of India’s most well-known and strenuous treks is the Phulara Ridge Trek in Uttarakhand. Its appeal is derived from its dense, deep, and artistic-looking rhododendron and pine forests. Your attention is drawn to the scenes in Pustara’s meadows. So, here are the reasons why Phulara Ridge Trek is the one for you.


The Trek basically consists of five destinations. Which are undoubtedly beautiful and will leave you wondering how much beauty this place has to offer. 


In the month of December, the distant community of Kotgaon in Uttarakhand starts preparing for the yearly inflow of trekkers. Phulara is known for its Ridge walk; A ridge is a geological formation where two summits are joined by a continuous trail that always starts at the summit of each mountain.


On the Phuara Ridge Trek, you walk on the ridge that joins the Kedarkantha summit to the range that is beyond Taluka village. To the left lies, Thamasa valley expanding from Sankri to Har Ki Dun. And to the right lies, the mountains that roll in various layers to Jamunothri.


You are always on top of the mountain, but the funny thing is that the mountain has ups and downs and you will surely fail to notice it. To put it in context, you will feel almost feel like walking on a summit for quite a few hours. 


The surroundings, the wind, and the vistas all give the impression that you are on the summit. In fact, the scenery gets better as you continue to stroll along the slope. Throughout the entire trek, you continue to feel as though you are on top of the world.


Your ridge walk lasts for 4-5 hours on the Phulara hike. When continuing on the alpine meadows, you are at a height of roughly 12,000 feet. Slopes with velvety carpets roll down on either side. All around you, enormous mountains emerge. You almost think the mountains are accompanying you on your walk!


As you explore the trek your first stop will be at Sikolta, where you experience the Kedarkantha Trek reaching Sikolta. As you pass through clearings on the Kedarkantha trip, you’ll notice gorgeous Oak and Pine trees. 


Your next stop comes at Bhoj Gadi campsite just beneath the bridge. Bhojgadi sits nearly above the tree line at an altitude of 11,200 feet. the meadow which heads to the ridge expands the line widely. It is a preview of the scenery that will be there the next day. Next comes the ridge walk, the ridge might be exhilarating in itself.


Your next stop comes at Pushtara, the material of local legends. Just below the ridge line is this enormous meadow called Pushtara. Because of its size, Pushtara is actually divided into two treks. the treks to Phulara as well as Phachukhandi Pass.


Your next stop comes at Taluka wherein you will have to drive back to Sankri, where you will witness the demolished huts of Gujjars on the way back to Sankri. 


The Reasons why Phulara Rudge Trek stands out are:

  • Incredible Scenery: The trek takes you through various beautiful and varied landscapes in Uttarakhand, which include lush forests, alpine meadows, rivers, and high mountain passes. You can encounter dazzling views of the mountain ranges and many other peaks.
  • Unique Cultural Experience: The Phulara Ridge Trek offers a different opportunity to experience the culture and lifestyle of the people residing in remote villages. You can make an interaction with the people and learn more about the culture and habits of the people. Their beliefs, their customs, their traditions, and whatnot. 
  • Adventure That  Is Unorthodox: The trek is comparatively a new and less-traveled route, which means you can experience tranquil and remote trekking away from the busy crowds. It is perfect for individuals who are looking for adventure, difficulty, and solitude.
  • Tricky Trek Route: The Phulara Ridge Trek is a challenging trekking route that needs physical fitness, trekking experience, and endurance. It entails long hours of trekking, high altitude, and incline that is both steep and descending.
  • . It is led by the local people of the village, and a portion of the proceeds goes to community development projects and conservation efforts.


Hence, therefore, The Phulara Ridge Trek stands as one of the most      gorgeous, difficult, and sustainable trekking experiences for fellow trekkers.