6 tips to design a custom vape box packaging

Whatever business you are pursuing, you will wish to be successful in it. You will be looking for ways to attract customers and be better than your competition. There are many brands which sell the same product. When customers go to a store to buy something, they will be drawn to what attracts. This is where packaging comes in. Based on this, people make a decision about whether to buy what you are selling. This is true when it comes to vape boxes as well. If you want to increase sales, you have to make your product be visually appealing. 

Below are 6 tips to help you design custom vape boxes:

  • Create something unique

It is important to be unique so that your product can stand out. You can have a look at what the competition is doing, then figure out ways to enhance those looks and how you may translate them for your vape product. 

Try and understand why consumers select some designs instead of others so that you can use this information to your advantage. If you want your vape packaging boxes to attract, be different. 

  1. Choose a strong box

The box that you place the vape product in must be strong. It should be able to effectively secure it allowing customers to get it in good-condition. It should be one of your main aim to make the product reach the shoppers in excellent-quality. 

Custom printed vape boxes should be able to protect the product from moisture, heat, germs, etc. You can choose packaging materials such as cardboard, corrugated cardboard, or Kraft to make the boxes from for these items. 

  1. Select the best printing technique

To make the packaging look extraordinary, you should print it attractively. There are different printing techniques available and you must select the one that matches your budget and which will look good on the box. 

For instance screen printing lets one use intricate designs. It is a quick printing method. If you do not wish to include multiple elements on every box, you can think about employing flexography or offset printing. These procedures tend to be less costly and allow more detail in comparison to screen printing. 

To look for the best method, consider what you want to include and what you need to include on vape boxes.

  • Customize the boxes

You should customize the packaging so that it can give a personality to your product and business. Use the right graphics to advertise your product and brand and let it stand out.

Customize custom vape boxes however you see fit. For instance you should get the right size box so that the vape product does not move in it. The size should be such that it protects the product further. 

Employ your logo or company name upon all boxes so that people know which business is selling the product. If applicable, you should add a QR code on every box allowing individuals to scan this with their phones. 

  • Information about vape product

When it comes to vape products, you must research on what you have to include on the box according to the law. Add this in clearly. You should include warning labels about possible nicotine poisoning occurring for instance. 

You must only include the relevant information because you do not want to confuse shoppers. Also add the details in a font that people will want to read and which can attract. These details on vape packaging boxes allow it to be easier for shoppers to make a decision about whether they wish to purchase the vape item you are selling.

  • Choose appropriate colors

A trick to make custom printed vape boxes stand out is to employ attractive colors. You may print graphics along with other details in certain colors so as to create an outstanding presentation for the consumer. 

By including various colors to the packaging, you may attract your consumer base which is fit for the product you are selling. 

If your brand has brand colors, you can think about using these. You may look at color psychology to choose which colors to include on the packaging for vape products. 

For example if you want to give the impression of luxury, you can include colors like black and purple which are able to suggest this. 

If you design vape boxes well, they can give a good presentation of the product. You can provide shoppers with a good image of your company before they open the box and check out the product you are selling. A strong box will be able to protect the vape product and let it arrive in proper condition to the customer. You must try and design the box so that it will draw the attention of the people likely to buy the vape product you are selling.