Best Washing Machine Repair Service For  Your Woolen Clothes

Washing Machine Repair Service in UAE

It’s time for Washing Machine Repair Service to put your clothes in the washing machine. But what should you do with your woolen fabric? To get rid of them properly without turning them into doll clothes, there are a few golden rules. Discover the instructions so that the yarn you like to wear always keeps its original size.

Customize Your Shower Cycle 

Your Washing Machine Repair Service is only 3/4 full, it’s time to choose the right program. And yes, fur has what it needs. The first rule is temperature, the wool must always be washed cold or fall in the program at 30 ° maximum to avoid unpleasant surprises. Dry cleaning can also damage the material, so the power should be set to the minimum, i.e. 400 changes per minute. Finally, let the laundry air dry because the dryer is not recommended, unless you want to take the risk of returning small clothes.


Use The Right Detergent 

Wool is a perishable material, it requires different products! So choose cleaners designed for this type of material. A detergent made from natural products is suitable for your woolen clothes. Because they are composed of materials that respect strong fibers, these detergents will protect the wool well from the friction and impact of the work of washing. You will have every chance to find your stick unharmed when it comes out of the machine. For those who favor washing clothes at home, choose a formula based on Marseille soap, removing soda and soda crystals that can damage fibers. 

Protect your clothes from getting bitten 

In the machine, even ¾ full, the woolen clothes rub against the metal walls and other clothes. Therefore, they will be protected from these violent movements. At the beginning, turn the damage that occurred that occurred that the dispute is only on the hidden side. Add them to the net to avoid hooks. Don’t have a mosquito net? Put your loose fabric in a pillow case, it will be clean and safe! So, in addition to avoiding small holes, you reduce the risk of pilling your clothes. 

When Choose Hand Washing 

If you’re still hesitant to put your fragile pieces in the washing machine, opt for the old fashioned method of hand washing. Be careful, there are always rules to follow! For this, you will need a basin filled with warm water – no more than 30 °C – and special wool and hand soap or Marseille soap. 


Let your clothes soak for about 20 minutes, then you can gently clean any visible stains from your clothes. Once done, wash it with cold water until the stain is gone. Then gently warm the water with your hands by placing it on the bottom of the tub or shower. All you have to do is put it on a dry towel to finish the extraction process before leaving it to dry well, but of course, flat and outside. Finally, to finish the job, don’t store your clothes in a ball in your bathroom, but fold them carefully so as not to damage the fragile fabric. It’s still cool to clean your mesh, talk to your O2 specialist who can take care of it! Ask the O2 experts to do them for you!