How to Choose the Right Commercial Wallcovering for Your Space

commercial wallcovering

depends onDepends when selecting your commercial wallcovering, it’s important to consider the space’s design and how you want it to look and feel. Different wallcoverings will create different environments – textured coverings can create a vintage look while digitally printed designs can give any space a modern appeal. You’ll also want to consider practical factors such as the noise levels in the room, how much foot traffic the walls will withstand, and how easily the wallcovering can be cleaned if necessary.

While selecting the right wallcovering is a vital step of designing any space, there are sources available to help from the initial selection process all the way through to installation. You can find professional designers, project managers and installers experienced in commercial wallcoverings at reliable companies such as Decorative Ceilings & Walls. With their expansive range of product samples and expert guidance, these companies are able to quickly identify an ideal solution for your specific project requirements.

Consider Durability & Maintenance Needs.

You’ll also want to make sure that the wallcovering you choose won’t deteriorate after only a few months of being exposed to daily wear-and-tear. Choose wallcoverings that are specifically designed for commercial spaces, as they have better stain and fade resistance. Opt for materials that are easy to clean or have a special protective coating added – this will ensure that your walls stay looking their best for years to come.

Be sure to consider the maintenance needs of any wallcovering you choose for commercial spaces. Look for materials that can be easily spot-cleaned, which will save time and money in the long run. You’ll also want to make sure that the wallcovering you choose won’t deteriorate after only a few months of being exposed to daily wear-and-tear. Ask your supplier how long they expect their product to last before needing replacement, and if they have any special cleaning instructions. Finally, consider applying an extra protective coating over your chosen wallcovering – this should help extend the life of your walls even further.

Assess Moisture Management Requirements.

The material you choose will also depend on the environment your commercial wallcovering needs to withstand. If you’re looking for a wallcovering in a bathroom or hallway, opt for one that has been designed with moisture management technology. This feature ensures that if any liquid comes into contact with walls, it will be absorbed quickly and help prevent any staining or damage to the surface.

You want to ensure that any commercial wallcovering you purchase can stand up to the environment its installed in. Consider the overall environment it will be placed in and evaluate if there is any potential for moisture contact–such as pipes, bathrooms, hallways, etc. Many modern wall coverings offer moisture management technology which helps protect walls from stains further damage in wet environments or where accidental spills may occur. Look for options that explicitly offer moisture managing technology whenever possible – such can provide peace of mind for protecting your walls long term.

Investigate Light Reflectance Values.

Light reflectance value (LRV) is important when you’re deciding what wallcovering material to install in your space. It measures the amount of light reflected from a surface, and this rating will also inform how often the wallcovering may need to be touched up, because of fading because of exposure to light. Typically, for commercial projects an LRV between 35 and 70 is ideal.

For wallcoverings for commercial applications, the optimal light reflectance value is dependent upon the area and function of the space. Lower LRV values are suitable for spaces that require privacy and limited visual distractions, such as private offices and conference rooms. Spaces with a higher LRV value will feel more open and airy with increased brightness because of the amount of light bouncing off the walls. You’ll want to be sure that whichever wallcovering you decide on has a manageable LRV in order to ensure satisfaction and longevity of the product.

Research Performance Standards & Certification Ratings.

When purchasing a wallcovering, you’ll want to ensure that the product meets certain performance standards and certification ratings. Civilian and Department of Defense (DOD) standards for wallcoverings include fire safety, indoor air quality and cleanability. Make sure that the product you choose as well as its adhesive is compliant with flame spread speed regulations in your area. Most commercial facilities will require Class A flame spread ratings.

As for certification ratings, look for products with Greenguard or Greenguard Gold certification. This means that the wallcovering adhesives and materials used have passed tests to minimize air pollutants like VOCs, heavy metals and formaldehyde. With this certification, you can trust that whatever product you choose will not only perform as expected but also won’t be compromising indoor air quality in your workplace.