Right Steps To Apply For Remote Jobs In India

Apply for remote jobs

The pandemic of 2019 has changed the workforce dynamic across the world and in India. Hybrid, On-site and Remote working are especially in demand. As understood by the headline, remote jobs are getting popular. And the best thing about it is that geographical borders do not constrain you.

Search remote jobs in India, and you will find yourself doors that were never there before. However, finding the right full-time remote job is not an easy task. Here you need to focus on not only why you are the ideal candidate but also on why you are the ideal remote candidate.

After the pandemic, full-time remote jobs in India have become more important than ever.

Currently, a majority chunk of the world population is working remotely, which is why competition for remote jobs has grown drastically.


Right Steps To Apply For Remote Jobs

Search For Remote-Specific Jobs

Locating a remote job in India is not an easy task. Many job portals in India do not provide a filter for remote jobs in their search, restricting candidates to apply for a specific job. You must begin your job search with job portals that allow the customisation of remote jobs in India. You might sometimes encounter overlapping postings but it does not take long for you to search for a specific title in the remote employment category.


Search For Remote-Friendly Companies

Various companies saw remote employment as an opportunity to maintain their workflow during and in the post-pandemic era. Part-time remote jobs in India are famous but when it comes to full-time remote jobs positions, the number of companies might seem limited. So, the best thing to do is to look for companies that offer a 100 per cent remote option as it allows you to avoid issues that you might face with the companies that do not. In India, it takes a lot of time for companies to develop their remote work culture. So, when you find a company that interests you, immediately apply for their employment page and subscribe for future notifications and job alerts.


Always Show Past Remote Experience

Never show just your skills suitable for the job position but also show them why you are best for that remote job position. So, if you have any previous remote work experience do include that in your resume. If you have worked remotely before then instead of showing the company’s headquarters label the location as ‘virtual’. In case of the place was somewhat distant, provide the actual location as well as “virtual”. Pay close attention to marking your previous remote work experience and responsibilities.


Consider The Needs Of The Employers

There are two sides to an interview; one is where an applicant is interviewed as a part of recruiting team and the second is as a part of the hiring team. In both cases, one question will be common why you will be a perfect fit for the remote position and how well the candidate will be able to get along with the remote team. A few of the essential qualities hiring managers look for are transparency, communication, autonomy, independence, self-awareness, resourcefulness, and humility. For the highest-paying remote jobs, you need to have the highest working skills.


Like Positions No Jobs Are Same

Everyone is aware of this that is why you are looking for a new job role right? In the same way, no remote jobs in India are created equal. Some positions are entirely remote while a majority offer hybrid work. So it is equally important for you to read the job description thoroughly.


The Best Sites To Apply For Remote Job Positions

If you wish to apply for remote job positions and want to know about some legitimate job portals where you can apply for the highest-paying remote jobs. Let’s have a look at these job portals.

  1. We Work Remotely: One of the largest remote job communities in the world with 2.5 million visitors every month.
  2. Rozgar.com: India’s leading job portal with the biggest candidate pool looking for jobs in various domains.
  3. Mount Talent.com: Another best job searching website for remote work. This is a place where the biggest industry recruiters look for their ideal candidate.
  4. Remote.co: This website is known for its two-way street and works on the motive of good employers finding good candidates.
  5. Flexjobs: This job portal is highly user-oriented. The aim is to make remote jobs easily available and accessible to candidates.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can we work remotely from India?

Yes, anyone can work remotely from India. Many countries prefer Indian candidates as the benefit from the new norm of working remotely is high.

Which companies in India are fully remote?

Various companies in India have gone completely remote or allowed a certain chunk of their employees to work remotely. Some of the best names are Flyhomes, NoBroker, Meesho, Angel One, ITC Infotech, Magicpin, and Springworks.

I am working from India, will I get paid in USD?

Yes, you can earn USD while working remotely from India. However, you are not permitted to keep a dollar account in the US to collect your payment. And you are not permitted to keep a dollar account with an Indian bank. In conclusion, your US payment salary will be converted into Indian currency at the time of payment. Here Indian tax regulations apply to anyone.