The Importance Of Upgrading Your School With A Face Attendance System

employee biometric attendance

Do you remember when the teacher would call out names of students and tick the register at the beginning of each lesson? It might have looked neat and fun to do then. Thinking about it, to imagine that some schools are still doing it today can be mentally taxing. Imagine if each class had at least 30 students. Recording attendances manually takes up time that could otherwise go into teaching. Digital processes have helped schools adopt real-time biometric software to improve school attendance. Face attendance systems have become a crucial part of this software because of their outstanding features.

Here is why you need to upgrade your school with a face attendance system:-

Increased Security

A tested and robust face recognition attendance system offers better security. Students cannot cheat or forge attendance, as it accurately captures their facial features and matches them against their registered information. This enhances the overall security of the school environment, making it more difficult for unauthorized individuals to enter the premises undetected.

Improved Accuracy

Traditional attendance systems, such as sign-in sheets, ID cards, or registers, are susceptible to human error. Students may forget their ID cards, sign in for each other, or make mistakes when recording their attendance. A biometric system like an employee biometric attendance system eliminates these problems by automating the process and ensuring attendance is recorded accurately.

Keep Track Of Employee Attendance

It is not only students punching in for each other. Teachers and other school employees, too, are vulnerable to buddy punching. Floor time fraud is a major problem in most workplaces. While some employees are honest and diligent with what they do, others end up getting paid and keep shirking work. This kind of behaviour might damage the school’s performance, which makes investing in an employee biometric attendance system crucial. The system makes it easy to keep track of employee attendance and the duration they were in school. It also shows when the employee leaves the school or tries to access unauthorised areas within the vicinity.


Socially distancing from each other has been the norm since the pandemic came and wreaked havoc. The rise of contactless technology has witnessed significant growth. With real-time biometric software in schools, the administration can minimize the times taken by students and workers to exchange things such as pens, when registering their names for attendance. It helps reduce the time you would take using the traditional attendance registration method and the time individuals spend interacting with each other. This will make it easy to manage the spread of any viruses reducing contamination rates.

Future-Proof Technology

The use of face recognition technology is becoming increasingly common. It will likely become the standard in the future. By upgrading to a face recognition attendance system, schools can ensure that they are prepared for the future and can keep up with the latest technology trends. An upgradation helps maintain a competitive edge and ensures the school is well-positioned to meet future challenges.

Biometric attendance systems are taking giant strides and paving the way for the future. As the world aims to become ‘contactless’, attendance systems like FAS are taking the lead in making the processes more mobile. If your school is not already using this real-time biometric software to track school attendance, this is the time to make a move.