The New Pulsating Novel by Raf Lindia


True love is a blessing in disguise. It is the foundation of a healthy relationship that individuals imbibe and display for each other. Love isn’t a temporary feeling that one can just let go of. It resides in the heart of an individual who trudges along difficult paths for their soul mate. Love revitalizes depressed individuals and directs them towards liveliness and socialization.

Love isn’t only about living a fantasy life, it’s about sharing your time with loved ones and enjoying it. It helps broaden perceptions and improves one’s self-esteem. Genuine love is unconditional; it nurtures mutual understanding, acceptability, and self-respect. You might have noticed that some couples manage to show adoration, even in uncomfortable and tough situations; they keep a smile on their faces every single day of the week.

There are moments when we miss our close ones terribly. We think about them all the time and relish the memories we had together. However, sporadically, the relationship just….. breaks apart. And, what’s left of it are shards of separation and broken promises.

A Heart-Wrenching Love Story

Playing the role of the protagonist in the novel, “A One Way Ticket” Robert Lewis falls in love with a freshman named Patty, the daughter of two high school professors. The story revolves around love, pain, and relationships. It outlines the lives of two individuals in a simple and attractive way; readers are bound to be occupied till the end.

Both Robert, and Patty share different interests. Robert likes to write, whereas Patty adores painting and aims to become a professor at the university. Because of their age difference, they maintained a perfect life balance until ………..

Deeply in love, Robert and Patty plan for their future, not knowing what destiny has in store for them. Robert’s father, a lawyer, is concerned about Robert’s academic progress, whereas the daughter of a college professor, Patty, cannot imagine her future without Robert in it. The twist and turns in the novel render an intriguing recipe of love, drama, and suspense.

Robert’s story is a relatable one. It links to the indecisions in life, family commitments, and the agonizing separation with a loved one. Moreover, the other side of the coin also shows the same emotions. Patty feels the absence of an individual who was a comforting source for her house builders finance . Without any contact, she cannot bear to survive alone.

The story unfolds with swaying emotions, vivid memories, and undulating relationships. Or maybe, a possible reunion in the end? Read the book and find out the end!

About Raf Lindia

Raf Lindia is an Italian author who has taken the world by storm. One of his recent works, “Shakespeare: Conspiracy of Silence” which came out last year was a popular choice among readers.

This book was translated into English because of its high demand. Another masterpiece called “A One Way Ticket” is also heading in the same direction. Raf has decided to translate it because of its high reach.

Apart from the above-mentioned novels, Raf has also written La Moglie del Sindaco (Italian Edition), La Stanza del Rettore (Italian Edition), Il Ponte di Fango (Italian Edition), Shakespeare. L’Ultimo Dilemma (Italian Edition), and La Vita non è un Sogno (Italian Edition).


If you’re into reading love stories that inspire, then you’re going to fall in love with “A One Way Ticket.”

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