Colours add variety and elegance to different aspects of a home, especially the windows and the doors. Choosing doors with the right colours create a solid first impression and improves the overall look and appeal of the house. That is why most fenestration experts recommend installing coloured doors in homes for better value and style. 

In this context, laminated-coloured UPVC doors have emerged as the best choice, given their exquisite finesse and finish. The leading provider of high-quality laminated UPVC doors in several different colours and styles. Read on to know more about the reasons that make laminated UPVC doors the best choice for different types of homes.

An Overview Of Laminated-Coloured UPVC Doors

The laminated-coloured UPVC doors offer better colour durability as compared to other types of coloured doors. This is because the colour is applied to the doors during the manufacturing process itself rather than after the process is completed. For this, the doors are covered with a layer or foil of colour before they are baked. This ensures that the colour binds completely with the door. The doors are thus less prone to fading and stay beautiful and appealing for a longer time. Opting for UPVC doors in Chennai provides the additional advantage of sturdy design, reasonable prices, and easy installation. 

Advantages Of Laminated-Coloured Doors 

Laminated-coloured uPVC doors have a lot to offer for homeowners seeking luxurious and aesthetically appealing fenestration solutions. The key advantages of installing the doors include the following. 

  • Create A Unique Style Statement

Coloured doors are the perfect choice for homeowners looking to create a unique style statement. The different colour options enable buyers to choose doors that blend in perfectly with the other décor features of the home. At the same time, the exclusive charm of the doors and their superior texture, and feel elevates the key design aspects of the home. This helps in creating a unique look that is sure to amaze any visitors and guests. 

  • Better Weather-Proofing

Since the colour coating is integrated into the laminated UPVC doors during the manufacturing process, they tend to offer better weather resistance. This makes the doors a perfect choice for regions with extreme weather conditions, such as India. Moreover, the UPVC doors in Chennai, offered by renowned manufacturers like Koemmerling, offer the benefit of rigid structural properties. This minimises the risk of changes in the shape and size of doors caused by significant temperature differences. It also helps maintain the beauty and appeal of the doors.

  • Enhanced Protection From UV Rays

The long-term colour retention properties of laminated UPVC doors provide better protection from UV rays. This is because the doors have a finer finish which ensures better deflection of UV rays of the Sun. Moreover, the coloured UPVC doors are both chemical and waterproof, which also ensures better protection from radiation dissolved in the elements. Thus installing laminated UPVC doors help minimise the adverse health effects, including different types of cancer, caused by exposure to radiation. 

  • Scratch Proof For Maintaining A Fresh Look

Unlike other types of coloured doors, UPVC doors offer better resistance to scratching and denting. The robust design of the doors and the deeply ingrained colouring minimise the impact of scratches. Furthermore the anti-staining features make it almost impossible for the doors to retain any spots. The doors can be cleaned easily with a wipe of a moist cloth to restore their fresh and shining look. Most importantly, the in-depth colour integration ensures that homeowners do not need to spend money on repainting every few years. 

  • An Environment-Friendly Option

Contrary to popular belief, the manufacturing process of laminated-coloured UPVC doors does not require excessive power consumption. Additionally the doors are designed to be lead-free. Theyare entirely recyclable, and hence are a great option for people conscious about preserving the environment. Given their durable design, the doors have an extended life and are not prone to rusting and rotting. This eliminates the need to replace them. Installing the doors thus helps homeowners to do their bit to prevent wastage, and maintain a healthy and safe environment. 

Final Thoughts

The above pointers make it quite clear why investing in coloured UPVC doors in Chennai is a great choice. Offered by renowned manufacturers such as Koemmerling, these doors are the perfect option for people seeking sleek, robust, and stylish doors for their homes.