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Do you know that yearly around 8 to 10 billion hot dogs are sold to American households? And that is a big figure! Undoubtedly worldwide, people love to have hot dogs at lunch and dinner. Whether it’s a food truck or a street food stall, you will always find hot dogs. Owing to its increased consumption, custom hot dog boxes are a must. And it’s the biggest secret to making your brand a smashing hit. After thorough research and study, we have compiled important tips for designing hot dog packaging. So stick around this blog, and it will help to boost your business sales.

Durable custom hot dog boxes

No matter what season, occasion, or region, people are fond of hot dogs. They are delicious, easy to cook, and available in grilled or fried form. And the condiments and toppings make it even more delectable. But at the same time, there are high chances of sauce spilling or falling the fully loaded hot dogs. Hence durable custom hot dog boxes are very much important. Whether a standard or supersized sandwich, the customized packaging holds it perfectly. And it prevents the smudging of the sauces and lets you enjoy your meal to the fullest. Moreover, sturdy boxes keep the hot dogs fresh and prevent them from sunlight, dust, and contamination.

Right-size custom hot dog boxes

Mostly during day time, people are in a rush. Whether it’s a student or an employee, they just grab the sandwich, and they are good to go. Therefore brands always design handy packaging that’s easy to carry. And for that, the size of the custom hot dog tray or box matters the most. An oversized or undersized box spoils the customer’s mood and creates a bad impression. Hence the perfect size boxes are a must.

Colorful hot dog trays

If you are at the park or taking a stroll, you will come across a food stall. And the hot dogs are a must-snack item. People love to chit-chat and savor their favorite hot dogs. And while eating, they keenly observe the packaging details. For example, they notice the box style, color, images, slogan and artwork. It grabs their attention and also promotes your food brand. Thus you can choose red, orange, or yellow boxes to make your trays eye-catching.

Kraft boxes

Lately, people have become eco-conscious, and they prefer safe packaging. And that’s a great thing to do! As a matter of fact, worldwide, all businesses have incorporated eco-friendly packaging. And it includes material that’s 100% biodegradable. Thus you can join the green movement with kraft packaging. It is decomposable, sturdy, and durable. Plus it’s available in white and black. However, the food brands prefer brown kraft. It looks more organic and requires no colored printing.

Hot dog holders cardboard

Like kraft, cardboard is also an eco-friendly substrate. But it is more versatile than kraft. You can customize it in any color and coat it with surface laminates. For example, you can pick matte, gloss, spot UV, or aqueous coating. And it will give excellent results on cardboard stock. Moreover, the combination of cardboard with aqueous coating makes the custom corn dog boxes 100% biodegradable. Are you wondering how? Well, the aqueous coating is liquid based, quickly dries out, and is non-toxic. Besides, it is available in matte, gloss, soft touch, and satin finish.

Custom-printed hot dog trays

Have you ever noticed the hot dog trays packaging? It is eye-catching with interesting printed information. It includes mouthwatering hot dog images, flavors, slogans, and nutritional information. In addition, you can make it credible with a prominent logo. Yes, whether it is a simple or complicated artwork, you can highlight it with foil stamping. Undoubtedly this technique is versatile and quite popular. Now let us talk about its working mechanism. The metallic foil adheres to the substrate with high pressure and temperature. Thus it beautifully highlights the specific design.

Frozen hot dog packaging

It is a fact that people like hot dogs. And apart from food stalls, it is also cooked at home. Therefore the food brands kept this thing in mind and introduced frozen packaging. You can pack the hot dogs in full sealed, reverse tuck end or partial cover boxes. But the full-sealed box style is the most common one. It is sealed from all sides and provides maximum protection to food items. Since the boxes are kept at freezing temperature, it tends to get soggy. And to counter that, you can apply food-grade laminates. It makes the packaging long-lasting and prevents hot dogs from any potential harm.

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Wholesale packaging for hot dog boxes

More hot dogs, more custom packaging, right?

Therefore ordering wholesale hot dog packaging is a budget-friendly option. It keeps your business on the go and lowers the price per box. And as mentioned earlier, kraft and cardboard are the common packaging materials. So they are shipped flat; thus, it requires less space and cuts the shipment fare. Plus, the box for a hot dog is lightweight and easy to assemble. Hence ordering bulk quantities is the cost-effective solution.

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